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    Hello ,
    I have a four years old alaskan malamute male.
    The dog is generally very healthy.weighting 62 pounds.
    I feed him once a day.
    The dog is active.
    I always tried to upgrade his food quality .
    But every time, when i got to point of homemade diet
    it has been failed.
    I read dr.becker’s and beth’s book,so i have the

    The story goes like this :when feeding dry grained food like
    canine caviar
    and the stools are fine ,but eating dry foods with no grains
    causes loose stools.
    On the other hand,when feeding grain free canned food
    and the stools are fine.
    But when i made homemade diet raw or cooked with
    grains or grains free and the stools are loose .

    Here is the story from the last 3 days:

    On Monday evening, i fed him peal millet canine caviar with
    water which soften the food .
    Result :fine stools

    On Tuesday evening :small amount of home made cooked diet : 230 grams of cooked chicken breast ,100 cooked chicken liver ,100 gram of green pepper ,60 grams of carrot.caloric value:660

    Result:the end of the stool was
    loose with black color (maybe of the liver).

    On Wednesday evening:grained home made diet : 280 grams of cooked chicken breast ,100 cooked chicken liver ,100 gram of green pepper ,100 grams of carrot,150 grams of cooked whole brown rice .cloric value :880

    What do you think? what is best way to feed my dog ?
    What are the possible reasons for these results ?


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    I posted a reply in the reviews.

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    Thank you Patty!

    I will glad to see more ideas for the reasons and solutions how to solve it .

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    I totally understand. I was just bumping this up to the latest replies section so more people would see it.

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    Hey Nir,
    I don’t feed raw so sorry I can’t help, but I wanted to ask you about Canine Caviar- some people told me that their dog stay hungry on it (and restless), because of the small feeding amount. I think it’s 300g/day for 30kg dog? Maybe I’m wrong, but I remember it was less than other quality dog foods like Acana, Merrick, Natural balance etc (I know the reason is Canine Caviar is much higher in calories). How’s your dog doing with his daily amount?

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    Hi boxermom,
    I am feed my 28 kg malamute almost 2 years pearl millet chicken and iam very stasfied by the results and also the dog loves it.
    I feed him 300 gram per day which is about 1500 calories the dog is a beat active .ln the summer i feed 5 percents more.
    Yes every cup is 599 calories 119 gram.
    The food is most dence i saw but if you visit their site you there is reasons for it or ask their customer service.
    My advice is to follow the dog food advisor food calculator.
    But more important is to follow your dog ideal weight as you and your vetrinerian see it and weight your dog 2 times a week in the beginning to see it is in the ideal weight.

    Hope it helps

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    Hi patty ,i know. it was not a complain just thanks for your answer

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    You’re welcome!

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    Thanks Nir, 599 calories per cup is defiantly a lot… I’ve heard it’s a good food but I think for now I’ll stay with the brands that have lower amount of calories. If it doesn’t work out I might give it a chance because it does sound like a very good option 🙂
    Good luck with the raw feeding.

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