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    Rick W


    We had our dog fixed a couple weeks ago and when we got him home, we had some issues with diarrhea and vomiting after eating. We chalked it up to anesthesia but went ahead and put him on a chicken and rice diet just to keep it bland until his stomach settled down. Then we dealt with him being constipated so we added some pumpkin to his bowl after much research on that. While his poop never fully returned to normal over the next week, it wasn’t diarrhea so yesterday we started to re-introduce a little of his dry food with the other ingredients listed above…last night he woke us up twice needing to go out and full on diarrhea ensued.

    The only variable we can think of is the dry food (Fromm’s Large Breed Gold Puppy). It’s weird because he was just fine on that food prior to surgery. Could it be that he basically developed an allergy or incompatibility with this food literally overnight?

    Any help would be awesome! When the vet was included in the conversation, we were told he is a healthy pup and not to worry about it…but we havn’t reach out yet this morning after this last bout.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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    Tammy C

    I don’t think I would blame the food, unless you think it has gotten old. Maybe get a second opinion from another vet if the one who did the surgery isn’t helping.

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    Tracy S

    Hi Rick,
    I’m curious what happened with your pup.
    I’ve been feeding Fromm LBA Gold to both my 2 year old Shepherds for over a year with no issues.
    Two weeks ago both had diarrhea at 2am. They’ve been tested for multiple things and there’s nothing wrong with them that can be found. I keep going back to the food. I contacted Fromm but they say there’s no ingredient change. I’m thinking about switching foods at this point. They don’t have diarrhea anymore but their stools are not back to normal yet.

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    Rick W

    I stumbled across what some might consider a “hole in the wall” pet shop but inside that shop was a couple whose passion are your pets and solving riddles like what we were dealing with. When I described everything to her, she put our dog on a different food with different supplements. By the way, I forgot to mention above that he was dealing with bad eye drainage too which I didn’t know was relevant until she asked. Bottom line?? We think he is allergic to chicken and everything we were feeding him had chicken in it. We are now on a the large breed puppy food from NutriSource whose main proteins are turkey and whitefish. It’s grain-free as well. She also changed his probiotic from ProPlan version to a brand called Herbsmith. The specific probiotic is Microflora Plus. Last, we were giving him canned pumpkin and she suggested a more concentrated version (dehydrated) that we sprinkle on his food. The brand is Super Snouts and the product is called Pumpkin Latte. It’s a mixture of pumpkin and whole goat’s milk.

    Soon after switching over, he was much better and he no longer has all that drainage in his eyes. Glad we found her!

    All that said…we just had another bout of diarrhea over the past few days, but we also had a training session which required lots of treats so we need to evaluate what was in those treats because nothing else has changed. It’s always something…

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    Tracy S

    Interesting. I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be the food. Because I had 2 get diarrhea at the exact same time; I can’t see what else it could be. I bought a bag of the Heartland Gold, which is a completely different formula to transition onto. They are slightly improved so far (one more so than the other). If this doesn’t work, I’m just dropping Fromm all together and going to a new brand. They started on Orijen Large Breed puppy but never had great stools and didn’t really seem to enjoy meals until I switched to Fromm.
    I’m currently also using a probiotic and pumpkin. My local small quality pet store also recommended the pumpkin latte powder. I stuck with the canned pumpkin because they really enjoy it.
    I’m really hoping I get some results in the next week. This is so incredibly frustrating to have 2 dogs going through this, not to mention the vet cost because I didn’t know what was wrong.
    Thanks for the response!

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    Marla G

    I’ve had the same frustration. I hope the food your transitioning to settles things down completely for both. I had a Standard Poodle who has now passed, but I had her on the canned pumpkin for years along with FirstMate Lamb. It’s not for every dog, but it worked for her. Let us know how your dogs are doing. Good luck.

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    Elizabeth R

    We had this happen to a much older dog.
    I think there may be a grain component to problems like this one and agree that allergy is the likely driver. The real Q is was it chicken–fat content or another variable in the kibble that made your dog ill?

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    Tracy S

    One of the dogs had been having a few allergy issues for the last few months…mildly itchy ears, anal gland, etc. I had wondered myself if it was chicken. I bought a bag of the Fromm Heartland Gold to transition onto a few days before this started to see if that helped but never got the chance because of what happened. I’m not convinced it’s a chicken allergy that caused the diarrhea because BOTH dog had normal stools in the morning and then BOTH got diarrhea at the exact same time (2am). I was leaning towards a bad batch until I bought a new bag and nothing changed. I contacted Fromm, they say there was no ingredient change, but something is off. This morning was the first time in 2 weeks that they’ve had formed stools, still soft, but I’ll take it….and they’re day 2 into 50/50 of the transition.
    Could be a coincidence but I doubt it.
    Fingers crossed that this improvement continues.

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    Rick W I use my dogs regular dog food for treats LOL They seem to enjoy it

    Or use cooked chicken breast/good beed in very small amounts.. better then the treats on the market

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