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    Anne A

    I purchased 3 bags of the Merrick’s Lil’ Plates Grain free dry food from an on line retailer. When I received them I happened to notice that on all 3 bags there were unperceptable breaches in the seals.
    The retailer was wonderful and replaced them immediately but when I received the replacements they too were breached. They replaced them a 2nd time and those too were not completely sealed. The breaks in the seals are not even noticeable. I only happened to notice it when I picked one up and felt a slight “blow” on my face when I held it close. This caused me to check the others. It’s like when a baggie is thought to be sealed but air escapes.
    I was in a brick and morter retailer and when I saw the product on the shelf I was curious so I “tested” that as well only to find that same issue.
    I did ask the online retailer to please go back to their supplier and let them know there is a problem with their packaging and I am assuming that was done. They asked me for “lot numbers” etc. so I know they are pursuing the issue.
    My question is, has anyone else had this issue?

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    Not with your brand, but the exact same thing happened to me for another brand’s 27 lb bag. If you can squeeze air in and out or smell the food somehow, do not feed to your pet. The stale, storage mite covered food is severely contaminated. I mailed several bags back to the online retailer with a note on each bag. And I’ll be writing to the address on the bag. I plan on being persistent because because my pets got sick before and they’re endangering other consumers’ pets.

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    Anne A

    Wow…thank you. It sounds like there are more problems than I thought.

    So, Dog Food Advisor, is this something about which you could influence? I don’t think the brand should be rated with 5 stars if they have a packaging problem with their dry food.

    Thoughts? I am wondering if I should be concerned about the canned food as well because there may be issues throughout the production facility…may be I am just being paranoid but BOTH my girls have been really sick lately.

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    In the search here on DFA, type “how we rate dog food”.

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