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    Steven H

    Anyone having any issues with this food lately, chicken and lamb. My Aussies digestive track went for a spin these past couple weeks. When this problem first started I had returned a bag for another, thinking bad batch. Tried a lamb instead of chicken when the returned bag gave me the same issues. I have both dry and wet, my guys are turning there noses up at it now.
    A few vet visits later with them going on Science Diet i/d for a while got me thinking about this food. Ended up picking up a bag of Blue Buff Healthy Weight (use to give them) and they ate it out of my hand, the other they would not…..
    Going to call them tomorrow and let them know what happened to me, just giving everyone else a heads up….

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    Kristin S

    Check a lot of the other posts. Merrick sold out and the quality is likely going down. Do not trust the 5 star reviews.
    Also wouldn’t recommend Blue Buffalo, look into the news articles of their recent lawsuits. Best of luck.

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    Carla D

    I have fed my Australian shepherds Merrick (alternating between chicken & turkey /sweet potato grain free formulas) for a few years. The last couple of bags have been giving my dogs digestive issues. I returned one bag with the same results. Something has changed. I am looking for another food.

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    Steven H

    October 2016 update
    May 2016 my 11 year old Aussie Mozart lost his eye site, retinal detactment they say. Merlin my 8 year old Aussie was diagnosed with IBS, stomach issues. It was a tough battle for awhile. Mozart regained his eye site, still weening him off the steroids but is doing great. Merlin was prescribed tylan powder twice a day. Had a hard time with him not wanting to eat, refusing even cooked chicken breasts. I cant tell you how hard it is seeing him drop this food out of his mouth. I would actually have to hand feed him wet just to get him to eat something. Numerous vet visits, second and third opinions got me nowhere. I dont even want to tell you the tests they ran and wanted to run. My last straw was making an appointment with a veterinary nutritionist. She wanted his entire history of food given and while filling out this paper work I had found one thing. Switching them over to the limited ingredient diet, real chicken stew wet and hard formula was what they had in common.
    They say not every food agrees with our four legged kids and believe me I am not bashing there product, it just was not right for my guys. When we look into this limited ingredient products for our kids we might want to think about what they are replacing food ingredients with. Vitamins, herbs a sprinkle of this and that.
    Right now Merlin is eating Purina One wet, turkey and venison and is doing great. Only one I could get him to try, believe me I had made plenty of trips to the store. Mozart is doing well on a Redford dog food hard kibble grain free turkey. I have been feeding them this for about two weeks now and have slowly introduced this hard kibble to Merlins wet food, so far so good.
    Like I said, not every food is good for every four legged kid. Just wanted to let you know how things have been going.

    Thank you all for your posts, great information here..


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