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    Hi everyone.

    I noticed about a week ago a lump on the left side of Honeybees butt…about the size of a gumball.
    It keeps going away and coming back. At times it’s more soft and other times more hard.
    I’ve read a little about anal glands and cysts but how do I know which one it is?
    Does he need to see a vet in order to determine what it is? I have no idea what to think of it.
    His vet is more of meds than natural…so I’m asking here first.

    Also…I’m making my first purchase of Darwins! I’m excited as I’ve read good things here about it.
    Honey is only 5 lbs. I can afford to feed him Darwins twice a day..and the others once per day.
    What feeding would be best for him? Raw once or twice daily?
    He’s the sensitive one that’s allergic to fleas, grass and pollen.
    So I’m thinking raw twice daily?
    Thanks! :0)

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    Where exactly is the lump? Is it right by the anus, in a 4 or 8 o’clock position? Then it might be an anal gland issue. If it’s elsewhere, then it’s something else. Either way, just because it seems to come and go, I’d have the vet look at it. There are a few things I can think of that it could be, but you really should find out for sure.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    It may be an impacted anal gland but I would recommend having it checked out by a vet if you’re unsure.

    All raw would be best if you can afford it, however half raw is better than no raw.

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    Thank you very much Patty & HDM! It’s at the 8 o’clock position. At first I thought insect bite…and I was ready to call vet as Mozart got stung or bit – and vet lanced it.
    But a few min. later it was gone. So I thought maybe I just thought I saw a lump.
    One min. it’s there…then a few min. later…gone.
    I’ll get him in to see vet.

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    The part about it coming and going makes me worry than it could be a weakening in the wall of the rectum, I want to call it a rectocele, but that doesn’t look right to me somehow, and I can’t figure out what’s not right about it. Anyway, it’s just something that you are way better safe than sorry.

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    Oh gosh, now I’m really worried. Will make appt. first thing in morning…and come back here w/ results. It’s in the same spot every time…and right now it’s completely gone.
    When it comes back – it’s a gumball size.

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    Even on the off chance that it is that, you may still do nothing about it other than be aware and watch it, so don’t freak out, just make sure.

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    Hi Patty & HDM, Letting y’all know Honey’s appt. is Thurs. evening. They’re booked.
    Funny thing is…lump hasn’t came up not one time since I posted here!

    But he has something going on w/ him…like his back or bottom hurts. I just hope he doesn’t want
    to put him back on steroids if I can fix this naturally.

    I’m placing an order w/ Swanson’s. Which is best Turmeric or Mobility Essentials?
    I’ll let you know what vet finds.

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    Okay, I just noticed something about Honey. I’ll try to explain w/out being confusing.
    It’s not his back. I noticed under his rectum – was swollen. Maybe half a inch long and was hard.
    As fast as I saw it…it’s gone. At times he’s acting like he can’t get comfortable.

    Does this new info. ring a bell? Hate that his appt. is days away.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    For pain and inflammation the mobility essentials would provide more relief. It contains turmeric in addition to some other anti-inflammatories.

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    Thanks HDM, I have my list ready for order.
    Honey went to vet and he believes he has Perineal Hernia. It wasn’t swollen while there…and wants
    me to bring him back anytime that I see it swollen. He’s only seen this 4 times in 20 yrs.
    I’m to give Miralax as a stool softener.

    From what I’ve read – said most common in unneutered males ( Honey is fixed) and never mentioned Chihuahua’s, but Boston Terriers, Collies, Boxers & Pekingese.
    Said it could require surgery…but he doesn’t do it. Makes me nervous as I don’t trust anyone else.
    Any info. anyone can give…I appreciate.
    I’ll know more – when I take him back so he can better look while it’s swollen.

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    It is a weakening of the wall of the rectum. Watch out for her needing to go but not producing anything or acting like she is ready to start then all of a sudden moving out of position as if something poked her. Sometimes this is a one time thing for whatever reason and then the rectum wall restrengthens, but sometimes it gets worse and needs surgery and if your vet doesn’t feel comfortable doing this surgery and readily admits it, GOOD FOR HIM!!! You have a good vet and he probably won’t steer you wrong with who he recommends. Usually a high fiber diet is recommended so that the stool is not hard, hard stools can aggravate it and make it worse.

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    Thank you, Patty! You’re always a life saver. The photos I saw were shocking. I can’t imagine something that size on Honey…and I felt so bad for the ones that had it.
    Yeah, my vet is my age (44) and I’ve always trusted him – ten yrs. now.

    I hadn’t noticed anything wrong when he uses bathroom…but now I’ll watch more closely.
    And I’ll start a high fiber diet.
    I look him over through out the day…and I can tell when he’s in pain from it.
    Today seems to be a good day, though.

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    Thoughts and prayers, please. Honey goes Tues. morning for his surgery. I’m just a wreck. Have to take him over an hour away…to strangers. That’s the hardest part. I did talk to the vet that will be doing his surgery…and is very nice and well seasoned. I’m still scared as I know the danger of it.

    Cost will be $700. Seems like a lot for such a small doggie. lol I asked about bringing his own
    food and she said ” We use Science Diet…but you’re welcome to bring his food.”
    I politely said…I’d bring his food. 🙂

    Is there anything I will need to get for his aftercare that will help him heal?
    I heard yogurt is good…he eats that almost daily anyway.
    He will be in a confined area…lots of rest and such.

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    You may have to put him on a diet you would rather not have him on while he heals. They will probably want to keep his stools soft for a few days. They will let you know.

    I’ll be praying.

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    Thank you, Patty. We will so much appreciate your prayer.

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