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    Diane J

    My dog has diabetes insipidus. I would like to find a dog food low in sodium or a dog food that will be best for maintaining a healthy level of electrolytes. Recently my dog underwent dental surgery. Following the surgery, his DI symptoms (increased water intake and high volumes of urination) cleared up completely for a week and a half. Also his fur coat and energy level was the best we had seen in years. We are not sure what triggered the temporary cure. I had hoped that the required wet diet following oral surgery was a factor. However, as his DI symptoms have returned, I have also added his kibbles to his wet food diet. He is back on his medication (desmopressin as needed) and the need for careful monitoring of his water in-take. His dull fur coat, slight increase in weight and low energy level is back. We feed him Wilderness dog food which is very good but I would like to get him on the best diet possible for his medical condition.

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    I would work with a holistic vet to formulate the correct diet for your dog.

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