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    Patrica H

    My dog is 15, a silky terrier, who has had a few bouts with pancreatitis. She needs a low fat, and probably lower protein dog food. She doesn’t like dry dog food. She is on Hills Science Diet ID low fat GI restore which recently changed the texture of its canned dog food. It is very dry, won’t even absorb any moisture! My dog almost chokes on it. Also, I don’t think the ingredients are very healthy – pork liver, pork by products, corn…! Please, if anyone knows of a good canned dog food – low fat, low protein please let me know. thanks. —Patty

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    Sojos Complete Beef is only 24% protein and 12% fat. This is a freeze dried food that you add water to before feeding and it absorbs liquid well. AvoDerm Weight Control Chicken and Rice 23/14. Canidae Life Stages Platinum 24/18. Wysong Senior 22/14.

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    Wellness Complete Health-Senoir recipe Wet, its only 3% fat & 7% Protein, or there’s Nutro Natural Choice-Lite Lamb & rice, Fat-4% Protein-5%.. If you look at most of the senior foods they are normally low Fat & Protein, I have been boiling chicken breast, pumkin & sweet potatoes & freezing little meals, this seems to have helped my boys Pancreatitis, Ive found that when he has his Dry kibble he gets his pain..thats probably why ur Silky doesnt like the dry foods..

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    3 and 4% fat in a canned/wet food is probably too high of a fat level for a pancreatitis dog. The dry matter equivalent is closer to 15 and 20% respectively.

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    I thought that was high in Fat when I coverted it, so I’ve been cooking just in case, but most of the wet foods are 6-9% in fat….so 3% fat in the Wellness senior is the best I’ve found..

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    Ron M

    Mary over at Dogaware has compiled a list of lower fat foods both dry and canned.
    Just do a search at her site for low fat diets if interested.

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    If you’re looking for wet foods that are low in fat, try Weruva and Simply Nourish…they are usually 1.5% as fed. The protein may still be kind of high, though. For kibble, Wellness Core Reduced Fat is pretty good and Annamaet Lean is another one that comes to mind, as well as Victor Senior (it’s not grain free). I am currently feeding my gang Wellness Small Breed Senior and Small Breed Simple Salmon, along with Wellness cans and today I did feed Weruva Cirque de la Mer (or something like that).

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