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    Stephanie S

    Can anyone suggest some low carb treats (homemade or store bought)? My dog Charlie was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and I have put him on a low-carb diet, but he has been missing his treats. I bought a bag of lamb lung and he loves it, but I’m looking for a bigger variety. I don’t mind making or dehydrating various things, but it would be nice to go out and buy something as well.

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    I thin slice chicken cutlets and dry them in the oven. 200 degrees until they’re dry and crisp. Very thin slices. Also I buy top round steak (beef) when it’s on sale, bake in the oven whole till it’s cooked through, cool it down, slice thin, then dry the slices in the oven. I use lamb lung too!

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    Vital Essentials Freeze dried niblets are awesome for treats. My Bailey loves them and she loves the dehydrated lamb or beef lung too! I have a deer liver in my freezer that someday I’m going to dehydrate in my oven. I’m just in no hurry for my house to stink, lol!

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    Stella and Chewy Carnivore Crunch and Carnivore Kisses. Fresh is Best has dried meats and organs. And Bravo has dried meat treats as well.

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