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    Cathy M

    I have a 1 yr old retriever/spaniel mix. I have been feeding her Wilderness by Blue Buffalo. She always has slightly loose stools and itchy/dandruff. Also, she is killing my grass, bleached spots all over. I have been considering switching her food due to the recent reviews regarding Blue Buffalo. I am also wondering if her food has anything to do with the skin problem and my grass problem.


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    Have you tried a fish oil supplement once a day? Might help with the dry skin. Is she drinking enough water? Maybe add a little to her kibble.
    As far as the dog urine goes, that’s how it is, urine burns the grass.
    It usually grows back, kind of. You can’t have a perfect yard if your dog voids on it 🙂
    And I don’t trust those supplements that are supposed to save your lawn, chemical junk, imo

    Check Wysong for food, my dog with food sensitivities does best on Nutrisca salmon and chickpea with a little lean meat or cooked chicken added.

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    Itchy skin may be due to environmental allergies and not have anything to do with the food.
    See some of my other posts regarding allergies, most pets and people have allergies to some degree.
    Seeking treatment from a specialist/dermatologist depends on how severe the symptoms are, how long they have been going on, and how much one is willing to tolerate.

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    Hi Cathy M-

    It sounds like switching foods would be a great idea for multiple reasons. Here is a link about a diet rotation: /frequently-asked-questions/diet-rotation-for-dogs/

    I feed my lab/retriever mix dogs a couple of different kibbles with either canned, fresh or frozen mixed in every meal.

    So far our favorite kibbles are Victor grain free, California Natural, and Eagle Pack. Since it sounds like you have been feeding the same food for a while, you will need to do a slow transition to the new so make sure you start it before the bag of Blue gets too low!

    Which flavor of Blue Wilderness are you feeding her currently?

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    Cathy M

    LM-I have read things about fish oil supplements. I think I will try that first as it is the easiest. If that doesn’t help, on to the allergy dr! I believe she is drinking plenty. How do I know how much she needs?

    Crazy4cats-She is still getting the Wilderness puppy while I am figuring out what to feed her next. I had not ever been told about rotation diet, so I am interested to read more.

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    The most cost effective way is to just get the human fish oil capsules at the drugstore, at present I am using Sundown Naturals 1200mg, I put 1 capsule a day in their morning meal and they chew/gulp it down. They are small dogs.
    If you want to be more careful, look into salmon oil or fish oil supplements specific for dogs from pet supply places and go by the directions on the jar.

    The only side effects I know of are, fish breath or loose stools, I have not observed either with my guys.

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    Hi Cathy sounds like ur girl has food Sensitivitives/Intolerances. You write she always has lose stools, I wouldn’t be giving any fish oil at the moment not until you have her stomach & bowel working properly, fish oil is very hard to digest, you need to find what foods your girl is reacting too, Join this face Book group “Dog Allergy International Group” look in the Files, there’s limited ingredient foods & Hair & salvia testing kits, other wise you are just spinning your wheels trying to work out what she is re acting too…look up Jean Dodds on dog food sensitivities Vs dog food allergies all this info is in groups the files

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    “I believe she is drinking plenty. How do I know how much she needs”?

    I thought you were asking about the fish oil. As long as you observe the dog going to the water dish occasionally, and there is some moisture in the food, it’s probably okay.
    I have a dog that never went to the water dish and he developed bladder stones, so I add water to his food.
    I add a little water to my other dogs meals now too, maybe a splash or 1/4 cup….just to be sure.
    Of course, they may need more bathroom breaks, what goes in must come out.

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    I have been giving fish oil to my dogs for many years now, the only time I noticed an occasional loose stool was when I was using salmon oil and didn’t measure it properly, probably gave a little too much.
    The dermatologist said my dog’s skin looks beautiful 🙂

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    Cathy M – She’s young, start rotating food, she’ll luv it! Food has a lot to do with EVERYthing about your dog, however, not so much for the grass. If you’re willing to change the food & shampoo cold turkey (if there isn’t a medical issue), you can have results by the end of the week, really. I speak this way because an ex-vet of mine had me fearing all kinds of sudden changes like it were death. There’s precaution then there’s pill pushers.

    First, you could train your dog to pee/poop in a sectioned off area of the backyard (maybe a hidden area or put up a small fence). I’m sure you thought of this though.

    Second, drop these allergy prone ingredients found in Wilderness (Potato Starch, Potatoes, Alfalfa Meal, Whole Sweet Potatoes, Barley Grass, Dried Kelp). Look for chicken free, potato free, egg free kibble. Try Zignature Zssentials (3 proteins with simpler ingredients, the most “free” of just about everything in kibble form). Or try ZiwiPeak raw/dehydrated (no need to freeze or mix). The latter has a clean ingredient list and superb to digest (I’m so thankful I took a risk with it!). Or mix both if you’re on a budget. BTW, ZiwiPeak makes a Venison/Fish Formula if you don’t want to mess with extra pills/gels/squirts etc.

    Use an all natural dog shampoo/conditioner (meaning you could use it if it weren’t PH balanced for dogs). Drag her to the tub and use Aroma Paws Shampoo, Honeysuckle Jasmine Formula. Just trust me on this one, we had dandruff city over here, LOL.

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    I add the fish oil capsule because no matter how high quality the kibble, the fish oils start to dissipate the minute the bag is opened. That’s why I like capsules the best
    He also told me that most kibble tends to contain storage dust mites (a common allergen) regardless of how well you store it, they get in during the processing.

    Weekly baths (sometimes twice a week) with Malaseb shampoo (leave lather on for 10 minutes), were recommended and do help. Of course, this was all in conjunction with ASIT, which is not a medication.

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    ASIT stands for allergen specific immunotherapy.

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    Yes, storage dust mites would definitely be a severe allergic medical issue. Kibble would have to be avoided, if that was the case.

    DVM Pharmaceuticals Malaseb Pet Shampoo is effective against bacteria, fungus and yeast. “Formulated to help” with dandruff, ringworms, yeast and other bacterial infections. So if the itching is truly bad or you see yeast growth on the skin, the reviews are very good on it. It was too harsh on my pups and stripped them dry, producing more dandruff.

    So I backtracked to just moisture/no chemicals AND no or little oatmeal (which increases any yeast disorders). My pups swim in a chlorinated pool twice daily and Aroma Paws HoneySuckle just keeps working (we towel dry thoroughly but don’t bathe, only twice a month). Ah-mazing stuff. I should be their rep.

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    Cathy M

    Thanks for all the info! I am going to read the info on the FB allergy page and definitely read about rotation diet. Harper Lee doesn’t seem bothered by the dandruff, she is not itchy. I think I will try the Aroma Paws!
    After we get acclimated to the new food I will see if she needs the additional fish oil.

    This is a very useful website. I’m glad my vet recommended it!


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    Leslie K

    Mille’s Woflheart!!! My youngest (3 year-old border collie / corgi rescue mix) has ALWAYS had problems. In addition to being generally picky and a selective eater, she has HORRIBLE skin allergies. Without fail she ends up with flare-ups and skin infections several times a year, and I have always wanted a reliable, high-quality kibble, but felt like I had no options I could feel good about.

    Most of the allegedly high-end and expensive kibble I’ve researched (including Blue Buffalo!) has kind of questionable meat content, with a lot of protein coming from pea flour or other vegetables. They’ll also tout “all natural” ingredients……. and then contain a laundry list of weird chemical ingredients, vitamin packs, preservatives, and so forth.

    Millie’s is by far the best answer I have found to this problem. My collie LOVES it, and the high omega content help her skin and coat look great… even through allergy season! I think it’s worth a try for you and your Spaniel!

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