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    Hi Hound Dog Mom et all:
    I just can’t seem to keep Sophie the Komondor’s stools firm;
    Have her on Nutrisource Large Breed Lamb, which she loves; not really giving her
    treats; She does go the the dog beach and park (where she could pick up something
    whether a “bug” or eating something bad); but been tested for Giardia, etc
    (which I know doesn’t always show) so I just do a course of Panacur or Metronzadole.
    She is happy, healthy, but Pudding poops
    I read a thread about D. Earth, adding a tablespoon to her food daily. could try that.
    In addition, she gets probiotics (Coagulans Bacillus) and NWC total Biotics.
    Also done the boiled chicken/rice/sweet potato/canned pumpkin

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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