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    As mentioned in the Acana thread, I am currently looking into trying a different food. And while I knew that all the companies were adding more and more legumes…I didn’t really *know* it until I started comparing ingredients.

    What is the real story on the use of all the legumes? Here is an example ingredient list:

    deboned lamb, lamb meal, whole GREEN PEAS, RED LENTILS, lamb liver, lamb fat, PINTO BEANS, CHICKPEAS, herring oil, GREEN LENTILS, whole YELLOW PEAS, sun-cured alfalfa, …

    So, is this considered ingredient splitting or not? Green peas & yellow peas listed separately. Red lentils and green lentils.

    I’m honestly thinking about giving up grain free and going back to trying a good quality food even if it does have potatoes or oatmeal!

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    I figured this out when I re-did the white potato/grainfree list….so many peas!

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    Personally, my food allergic dog can not handle grain free and gets the most severe stomach upset when he eats pea heavy foods. We made the mistake of trying NutriSource Seafood Select (since he does best on fish) and he ended up at the vet from a bad reaction to it.

    There are plenty of really good grain inclusive foods out there. Dr. Tim’s, Victor, Fromm etc

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    Donna V

    Not all grains are bad and some dogs do better on grain free and some do better on high quality grains.. such as oat groats and brown rice. My dogs do great on Oat Groats and Brown Rice. People that I talk to think they need to go grain free because of the problems with the low quality grains — mainly corn. I explain to pet owners I talk to that not all grains are bad.. use what works best for your dog or cat.

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    Susan W

    I’m a huge fan of VeRUS dog foods. They have several formulas with a variety of ingredients. If you contact them, they’ll email you back and answer your questions/give suggestions. They also send free samples! Just search for VeRUS Pet Foods.

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