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    Nagisa D

    One of my dogs is legume intolerance. He can’t have grain-free food since they contain legume. He has been on Fromm Chicken A La Veg and Duck & Sweet Potato and has been doing very well. The problem is – since Fromm stopped dealing with the online distributor we are buying dog stuff from and I have to drive some distance to get Fromm. I have been searching for an alternative but it has been very difficult. Even the ones labeled “rice,brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potato, etc..” have some form of legume in them (For example, Canidae All Life Stages Lamb Meal and Rice formula has peas in it, Nutro Wholesome Essentials Chicken, Brown Rice, and Sweet potato recipe has split peas.)
    Anyone have a dog or dogs with legume intolerance and have recommendations on which dog food work well??? Mine is an adult (4 yrs old) Greyhound (large breed).

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    You can still order Fromm online from petflow or amazon. If they’re doing well on it I wouldn’t change if possible. It’s hard to find a quality food without legumes somewhere in the ingredient list.

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    Have you ever ordered from PetFlow? I have a few times with good results.


    I prefer Chewy, but I’m guessing that is the online distributor that is no longer selling it that you are referring to. But, PetFlow would be my second choice. It’s tough finding foods with out any type of legumes these days. Good luck!

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    I had the same problem, but the intolerance to some meats was an added problem for us. I researched and found Sport Elite dog food. We are using the Venison blend kibble. It has no legumes, potatoes, etc. And you can buy from Chewy or from the company. It is on the mid to upper price range but when it fits, any price is a good one. Dog food Advisor rates this blend as 4.5. Other Sport food blends as a 5. Why it’s not on the Editors pick I don’t know. Just saying.

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    Or you can order from Fromm’s own website.

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    I know several people with Greyhounds that use Purina Pro Plan Sport for their Greyhounds, no legumes at all. I have a dog with the same problem and can not use grain free as well. The woman I’m friends with that owns a few racing Greyhounds and runs a Greyhound adoption group as well feeds Diamond Hi-Energy to all her personal dogs and dogs up for adoption. No legumes in that either.

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    Nagisa D

    Thank you all for very helpful information! I checked Fromm’s website and found out that Petflow is their authorized retailer. They have a list of authorized and unauthorized retailers/resellers (it was hard to find it, though… For whatever reason, it is under Q/A section about the company…) Amazon and Chewy are on their unauthorized list.
    I am also looking into all the dog food recommendations that are given here. I have some options now!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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