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    Hi all!

    I’m new to the forums so if this info is available somewhere on site, please just point me in the right direction.

    I was wondering if there was a list of dog foods, particularly canned, that have never had a recall. Right now I feed Eagle Pack dry food topped with By Nature canned food to my two boxers. As far as I know, neither food has ever had a recall but I’m interested in exploring some different options on the wet food.

    Anyway, has a list ever been compiled on non-recalled dog foods?

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    Caribou Creek Gold – developed by sled dog folks. Used by the guy who won the Iditarod 5 times. Go to their website and email Mary and Lloyd and they will put you in contact with their firend who handles shipping small orders (like less than food for a kennel full) Packs about 696 calories a cup – nearly 3 times any conventional kibble.

    Abady – granular and kibble. Abady recommends the granular over the kibble. They want you to talk to them before picking one of their foods. There are different versions of the granular and the canned. I use Classic granular – about 796 calories a cup so 1 cup of it = over 2 cups of the other foods. They do a frozen raw but have never mentioned it to me as choice for my guys in years.
    (Abady’s website is very simplistic – jsut call them. Bob Abady was a French biochemist who came here after WWII and he introduced Bouviers to the US.) Abady is ‘the’ choice for the caliber of dogs that do Westminster and also run the Iditarod. As close to custom as you can get. Abady will tell you where you can buy it (some stores in Chicago and east coast) or you can have it shipped.

    I ship them in (and I’m feeding more lbs of dogs than your boxers.. My guys are a working mobility Service Dog and the other a top level Obedience competition dog — high demands on them to stay fit and healthy — and these WORK. Abady has been working for me for nearly 50 years. You will NOT find either of these foods in big box stores.

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    There was a thread about non-recalled foods a couple months ago. Don’t know where it is though.

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    Didn’t Abady had a recall in June? =>


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    ALL RAW food has SAMONELLA – the question is how much. By definition it is RAW – and the only way to completely kill samonella is COOKING. And if you COOK IT, it is NOT RAW. Fast freezing it after prep can reduce the samonella but it will not kill it all. ANd the question is how much the manufacturer or customer fill comfortable with. Abady is fussier – didn’t like that batch because it came out a bit higher on their post freeze check than they want BTW so they called it back (very very very small batch btw.). You can NOT buy RAW without getting samonella and bacteria in the food.

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    I agree with lovemypets4life health extension is the only brand ill feed my dog it is the only brand of food ive come across that has no recalls and is affordable on my budget

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    You agree with yourself.

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    Scared D

    This is an older thread but Abady’s granular foods are the best ‘dry’ foods you can buy. 9/10 stores that carry these foods, the staff and owners of the store use them.

    They are incredibly simple foods and not really processed at all except for mixing.

    They just need to be mixed every so often and its best to keep them in a cool location.

    Very few stores carry the large boxes, they need to be ordered but in my area if you call on a Monday, the food is delivered by an Abady truck by Wednesday. The food is generally only a week old when you get it.

    You will notice in two weeks. Tiny stools, better coat and cleaner teeth. You will also notice how comfortable the dogs are eating the food and after they finish. The mass they eat is much less and the food is granular so it digests much more efficiently. There is no plant fiber in the food. The stools look like coyote of fox scat.

    It is also the only company that will work with your vet and actually review blood work if needed. There is a Vet on staff at the company. I highly recommend the Classic version. I haven’t done the calculation but I suspect the calories from carbs is 10-12%, and just white rice.

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    Jackie B

    If you click any of the reviews, there’s a section at the end that mentions any recent recalls. I don’t remember how many years back it goes, but it is a quick way to check on any product that you’re considering.
    There’s also an alphabetical recalls list on DFA.

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    James F

    Thanks all for the useful information.

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