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    Christie B

    I’ve become so skeptical regarding my dog’s diagnosis of a Lipoma, given the inadequacies of his examination. Even with the needle aspiration, I wonder what they took a sample of because it doesn’t feel like a normal ‘lump’. Since the vet said that surgery wasn’t something that needed to be done in the next 3 months or so (he’s not in pain, and he still walks and runs and play with no issue), I searched the internet for all things lipoma.

    I’m not going into this thinking that there’s a magical cure out there nor would I purchase some snake oil claiming to be one. However, I have seen an consensus of various forums and sites suggest changing to a quality kibble that’s lower in fat as well as various supplements that may help remove toxins and increase circulation/metabolism etc. My sister gave me some Frankincense essential oil to apply topically mixed in a carrier oil.

    But I’m at a loss when it comes to food and supplements.

    He’s 9.5 years old and 119 pounds and he’s an extremely picky eater.

    And I know that lipomas just randomly, especially as dogs get older, and there isn’t a precise cause. But I’ve gone back and looked at old pictures and videos to see if I can pinpoint when it may have started to grow. Could it just be a coincidence that it started to appear not long after switching him to a ‘low rated’ commercial food when trying to figure out his food sensitivity issues?

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