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    Jackie B

    My rescued mini poodle is a wonderful dog. But he does have a luxating patella in his back left leg. The deformity is not severe enough to require surgery, but when I first got him he frequently hopped and limped. After some research, I discovered that flax seed is a natural anti-inflammatory. So I started him on Solid Gold brand Seameal (which has anti-allergy qualities as well). The Seameal has done an excellent job of helping with his limp. He rarely limps at all now. I can take him to the dog park and people don’t point out his limp (it used to be very apparent and everyone thought he was hurt).

    I did try a glucosamine and chondroitin supplement first; it has no effect after a month’s use. When I stop using the Seameal, I see my pup’s limp worsen in about 10 days. Start up the Seameal again, and no problems. A friend who uses this product says she thinks it contributes to stains around the muzzle in a dog, so that’s one caveat. But my dog does not have muzzle staining and he obviously is more comfortable when he isn’t limping.

    I believe Seameal would also be a good product to use with arthritic dogs.

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    Hi Jackie B ~~ I have 8 dogs and I supplement all their diets with a concocution I make myself (5 of mine are eat raw with canned topper and 3 eat kibble with raw and canned topper). Sometimes I make my supplement completely from scratch but often I make it with a base of Solid Gold Seameal. None of mine have issues with muzzle staining from it.

    Sardines, the spice turmeric and the enzyme bromelain are other foods that have valuable anti-inflammatory properties (bromelain is in the pineapple in Seameal). They make a arthritis supplement for humans that is nothing but turmeric and bromelain. Research has found both to be very effective anti-inflammatories.

    My Pom Peanut has luxating petellas in both back legs. Out of a rating of 4 (being the worst) Peanut had one knee that was graded a 2 and the other was a 4 (always out). My holistic vet performed a procedure called prolotherapy on her both knees improved. The one graded 2 is no longer luxating at all and the one rated 4 has been downgraded to a 1/2. She know longer limps or acts at all as if it is bothering her. In prolotherapy they inject a saline based solution into the knee area. This causes inflammation which then causes the body to “heal” the area. Inflammation can be both good and bad. Along with the prolotherapy I was giving Peanut a raw diet and a whole food supplement designed to strengthen ligaments and tendons (allowing less give for the knee to pop) called Standard Process Ligaplex II.

    I had her knees done a little over three years ago and, from memory, the cost was just under or just over $300 for both knees ($280 comes to mind).

    Best of health to your little one!!! He’s sure a cutie!!!!!!
    PS — prolotherapy is used in human knee injuries and also in race horse knee injuries.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I use Wysong Arthegix 5 days per week for my senior male. It contains boswellia, sea cucumber, turmeric, ginger, devil’s claw, yucca, red pepper and cetyl myristoleate. That’s interesting about the Solid Gold Seameal, I had no idea seaweed was good for the joints – but then again I give my dog sea cucumber and that’s supposed to be good, so I guess it makes sense?

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    Jackie B

    Thanks for the tips, Shawna 🙂 My pup’s knee is not a very high grade, 2 vets have said it would not require surgery. But it definitely did hurt him more before I started the Seameal.

    Hound Dog Mom, I’m not sure what ingredient in the Seameal that helps, but I am pretty sure it is the flax seed. I actually discovered the product when I asked the company if they had any products to help with the limp, and this is what they recommended. Most people use it for hair growth in pets. It does a great job of hair growth too!

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    I’m very interested about the Solid Gold Seameal. Looked at reviews on Petco…and all 5 stars.
    I’ve read that my Chihuahua needs Glucosamine & Chondroition for his collapsing trachea.
    Right now he’s having a coughing spell and I’ve given him his Albuterol and put him under the misting tent.
    What can I give him that will build up his trachea? Mine are seniors and looking into the product HDM mentioned also.
    Also, why did I have to sign on a different name and not the same one under when I posts on dogfood reviews?

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    You should have been able to sign in with the same name.

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    No, it wouldn’t allow me…even though I rememberd my password & username. That’s why I had to put the number 1 on this name.

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    You have to sign up for the forum separately, but you can sign up using the same name and password, or at least I could.

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    Thanks, Patty. Who knows what the heck I did! I’m not lying when I say I get easily confused with computers. 🙂

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    Green mussel extract is a wonderful supplement for this issue!

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    Some dog owners in another group I’m a member of swear by Acti-flex as well. Seems to have all the different ingredients together in one package.

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    Acti-Flex 4000 (the horse version) that some are using for their dogs. I’m currently using Mercola and Cetyl-M right now.

    Under 25 pounds:
    ½ tsp. daily loading dose for 5 days
    ¼ tsp. daily maintenance dose

    25-50 pounds
    1 tsp. daily loading dose for 5 days
    ½ tsp. daily maintenance dose

    50-75 pounds:
    1 ½ tsp. daily loading dose for 5 days
    ¾ tsp. daily maintenance dose

    100 pounds
    2 tsp. daily loading dose for 5 days
    1 tsp. daily maintenance dose

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