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    For dogs and people…I’ve seen goods things about it but put it on the back burner till Dave’s Hounds brought it up…

    What’s the good, bad and the ugly about it? For hot spots/dry nose? For joints? For psoriasis?

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    Mike P

    Tried some Emu oil on my dry patch in the palm of my hands.I get it every winter.Coconut oil works much better for me…I want a picture/grav but can’t figure it out…

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    Hey Mike P go to gravatar.com, and did you have a gravatar count? I went to gravatar.com and linked it. 🙂

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    Good topic, looking forward to more responses!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    This is where I saw the Emu oil pet shampoo:


    It has really good reviews, I’ve never used it though.

    And this is the emu joint supplement I remembered seeing:


    I would be curious if anyone here has every used these products and has feedback on them. I’d be interested in trying them.

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    thanks for the links, HDM!

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    This is the one Dave’s Hounds posted: http://www.uniquelyemu.com/whyemuoil.htm

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    I’ve purchased emu oil in the past and forgot about it in my drawer (used as a face and hand moisturizer). The kind I bought was pure without any antioxidants or preservatives. The omega 3 fats in the oil (I’m guessing) oxidized and I could tell by the smell that it had gone bad. Had to toss a $20ish dollar bottle (small bottle) away with less than 1/3 of it used up.. Ughhhhhh…

    Thanks Dave’s Hounds for posting about it… I kinda forgot about it and think maybe I’ll reinvest in some… This time I’ll try to use it up faster and store it in the fridge though.. 🙂

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    Hi all!

    I’m trying to figure out the omega 3-6-9 part of the emu oil and coconut oil and fish oil. Looks like emu is mostly 6 & 9 and little 3. And coconut oil is mostly 9 and some 6. So I should be giving fish oil with the emu and coconut oil to balance things out? Does that sound right?


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