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    S B

    My 1 1/2 year old 65lb german shepherd ate a sliver or so of a waterchestnut on the 26th. Later that day he didn’t want to eat his dinner of play very much. After some hand feeding he ate all his food and some water. Then the next morning he didn’t really want to do anything but sleep and lay around. So we took him to the vet and even the nurse could tell he waren’t acting himself (since he’s a German Shepherd he just runs and plays all the time) . So they did lab work and only noticed that his white blood cells were higher then usual and sent him home on a bland canned food diet. The vets dosent know what’s wrong with him (the waterchestnut could have just been a coincidence) and he only ate a little over half his breakfast this morning with me spoon feeding him. Has anyone else had this type of thing happen to there dog? Or dose anyone might know what’s wrong with him?

    P.S. just realized that he has a runny nose also.

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    Only further diagnostic testing will allow the veterinarian to arrive at a diagnosis. He has had abnormal lab work, so something is wrong.
    An increased white cell count usually makes veterinarians worried about either infection or cancer.
    Additional diagnostic tests are needed to rule out infection. X-rays, ultrasounds especially of the stomach and lungs, kidneys (whatever the examining vet advises) to check for tumors.
    I don’t want to scare you, but German Shepherds are vulnerable to certain types of cancer (genetic).
    The sooner you get a diagnosis the sooner you can evaluate treatment options, he’s a young dog. Good luck
    Ps: waterchestnuts are not toxic to dogs, however they may have upset his stomach.
    But I would think if that was the case he’d be over it by now. Make sure he’s drinking water, if not, or he doesn’t eat times 3 days get him right back to the vet.
    Consider the nearest 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic if he takes a turn for the worse and your vet isn’t available.

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    Hi, a 1 & 1/2 yr old dog to be quiet something is WRONG, is your vet a really good vet?? sometimes there’s better vets then others, like human Dr’s sometimes there’s just better Dr’s, ask vet or new vet to test for “SLE Lupus” or ask vet could it be Canine Lupus & see what the vet says? I know Lupus is hard to detect, first signs are white blood cells are elevated…
    also have you joined any GSH groups?? sometimes you’ll get more answers from other GSH owners as they have the same breed also was he brought from a breeder? if yes contact the breeder & ask if his parents or grandparent have any illnesses??….
    It’s sad when they are un well & they can’t speak either..
    With his food what was he eating when he became ill???
    We have had 2 Australian foods in Australia that have caused bad health problems in cats & dogs…..I don’t think it’s the waterchestnut… with the blood test did they test for Pancreatis??

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    S B

    His vet is with Banfield, we have been going to ever since we got him. The only other times we have had to take him to the this vet was for check ups and when he hurt his lag and ate some fertilizer last summer. I will look at some GSH for foums. He usually eats “Nura-source Large breed adult food” and has never had any problems with it. Unfortunately we bought him off of Craigslist and the seller didn’t give us any info of his parents.(We aren’t even 100% sure he’s a pure breed). His vet did check for pancreatis. We didn’t put him on antibiotics because they woulld cause even more tummy aches but he will probably be going on them or something like that. We are going to call the vet tomorrow and also will ask about lupus.

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    Please, just take him to your vet that knows him the best, he will advise you accordingly as far as what testing is indicated, what medications are needed.
    If your vet recommended antibiotics I wish you would have complied, because if the dog responded to the antibiotics maybe that may have confirmed it was infection.
    And x-rays and ultrasounds, lab work are the best diagnostic tools they have.

    Does your vet have emergency coverage today?
    I would look into that. If the dog is not eating, drinking and lethargic I would consider it an emergency and go to the 24/7 emergency veterinary clinic, now, today.

    I would stop wasting time on the internet and forums. No vet can (not that there are any here) or should diagnose your dog over the internet.
    The examination by the vet is crucial and your dog already has a treating vet that has seen him.
    And the folks giving you thinly veiled medical advice will just cause confusion and potential harm. Self-diagnosis is dangerous and a waste of time.
    Get your dog the medical attention he obviously needs asap and trust your vet.

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    I have no idea if a Banfield vet is good or not but if this were my dog, I’d be at a different vet today. If no appointment available, I’d be at the ER vets.

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    S B

    Abe is doing alot better, he’s less lathagic and is playing some. He was dieagnosed with enteritis and colitis but has medication for it. We think he just ate something toxic but don’t exactly know what it was.

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    Thanks for the update. These things happen. I hope your dog continues to improve.

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