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    My 5 year old yorkie has leg patella. It does not bother him but I was wondering if I should start him on a joint supplement. Does any of your dogs have this and do you supplement them with anything,if so what do you use? There’s so many supplements out there and I want to use the best one. Thanks

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    Do you mean luxating patella? There’s probably not a best one. I use Actiflex 4000, and Certyl-Myristoleate.


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    Desi, my Shih-Poo, who’s now at the rainbow bridge, had both rear luxating patellas and we kept surgery at bay by using joint supplements. We tried a few before settling on Joint Health Chews from http://www.springtimeinc.com. These worked the best for him in every way. Helped his joints and didn’t upset his stomach like some others we tried. He took these chews all his life. After he passed away, I discovered Springtime had a new chew that was supposed to help with pain a little better. I keep both kinds on hand. They really did help him.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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