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    Elizabeth B

    I have an almost 1-year-old St. Bernard who is on a large breed puppy formula that needs to be anything but chicken (it drives him mad with itching, a common thing we’ve experienced with mastiffs/giants we’ve owned over the past 20 years) and I’m trying to track down a formula that has a large kibble size.

    His problem is simply that the smaller kibble falls out of his mouth or gets stuck in his flews and goes everywhere while he eats, and it is a total mess. He has, of course, pendulous lips and the larger size kibble works much better, but I can’t seem to find one in the formula we’re looking for in a brand that rates at least 3.5 or 4 stars. I know dogs don’t chew their food like humans and kibble size has become somewhat standard, but other than some Iams formulas (they have chicken) that I know to have larger size (nickel or so) it is a minor frustration to pick up the small kibble that winds up everywhere.

    I put his bowl inside a rubbermaid type tub so that catches a lot of it, but it still goes all around the feeding area when he lifts his head, dribbling all over. Once spring comes and the inevitable ants arrive it is going to be a real issue.

    I know this is a fussy question, lol, but since you can’t tell the size of the kibble without buying the food first, and most large breed puppy foods don’t come in small packages to sample, I thought I’d ask here. I also understand that owning a Saint means we’ll never have a neat and tidy house again, and we accept that for sure (worth it!!) but if there’s a simple solution that involved simply switching brands that would be one less thing to deal with.

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    Out of all the kibbles I’ve used, Pro Pac Ultimates Grain Free Bayside Select is the largest size kibble. It’s round and slightly flattened. You can also contact the food company and ask them for the size of their kibbles. I’ve had some reply with a photo of the kibble next to a tape measure.

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    You can pinch the kibble through the bag to get an idea how big it is.

    Orijen has big kibble too.

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    Elizabeth B

    Thanks for the suggestions! This is very helpful.

    I am typically ordering from Chewy or Amazon, and don’t have access to pet shops that carry the brands for me to handle the bag to figure out what the size might be, but when I am shopping in person I usually feel it to see.

    I ought to contact the brands I’m considering and I’m sure they’ll tell me – great suggestion!

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    glen s

    Farmina has the largest kibble size I’ve ever seen, although I have not seen the sizes used for large breed dogs. (BTW at the other end, NOW had the smallest.)

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    Sarah H

    Yes ^^^

    Farmina Maxi varieties have very large kibble, and they have grain free maxi foods! Thank you Glen, your recommendation brought me to them.

    Chicken + Pomegranate Farmina Maxi kibble is a slightly irregular rounded square shape, about 3/8″ x 1″ corner to corner.

    Easy to order online from the company website with free shipping, but not easy to find elsewhere.

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