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    Corey K

    I’m looking to see if anyone has ever had any experience with a dog with severe urinary issues. My dog is 4 years old and has had issues with crystals in his urine and utis. His crystals have been struvite and urates. For the urates it was recommended that he eat the prescription UD. In Dec however he got blocked and had to have surgery. The craziest part of this is that he had 8 stones removed and we were sure they would be urate stones but they were 100% calcium oxalate stones. He needs low protein for the urates but should not have soy or oats or brown rice etc for the Calc oxalate so I’m at a complete loss as to what to feed him!

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    Mary S

    I do not know about stone formation – you may want to check Dr. Karen Becker’s web site, part of Dr. Mercola’s web site. Type in those key words, e.g., struvite crystals, calcium oxalate stones, oxalate, oxalate stones, something may come up.

    You are correct with the low protein levels. That is what I am looking for too. My vet has asked me to reduce the protein level 30/70. I need to supplement something other than potato. My dog has a severe allergy to it. I believe my next choice to cut the protein will be pumpkin or sweet potato. (Presently, I’m feeding Purina’s Beyond, Grain Free, Wild Caught Tuna and Egg Recipe. Right now it is the only thing she can eat that doesn’t cause a major skin out break. The protein is too high which causes her to wet the bet constantly. Yes, she has been on Blue Buffalo and etc. with no luck or the protein is too high.)

    Good luck with your quest.

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    Hi Corey-

    I’m sorry to hear of your dog’s troubles with stones. While I have no oxalate stones experience, I do with the struvites. But, I have read about the oxalate a bit when doing reserch on the struvite crystals due to my cat’s blockage.

    I have learned with any type of crystals or stones, it is best to get the most moisture in their diet as possible. And they also need plenty of opportunities to pee. I would try to feed as much canned or raw food to your pup as possible. Some vet therapeutic diets actually add salt to encourage the dogs to drink more water to dilute their urine as much as possible. Another thing that has been mentioned with trying to keep the pH levels stable is that it is best to feed a few smaller meals throughout the day rather than one or two large meals. Also minimize the amount of calcium being fed to your dog.

    At least the struvites can be dissolved with some types of vet foods, but the other types of stones and crystals cannot. So it is best to prevent them to begin with. Here is a site that has some decent information on it. Good luck!

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