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    Brad B

    Hi, new to the forum. I have a 3.5 year old bull mastiff x boxer mix. She’s around 80 lbs. I currently feed her taste of the wild but was looking to maybe switch to something like one of the Fromm’s. I’d like to keep the cost around $50 for a big bag (35-40+ lbs). Any recommendations? Our pitbull does well on the Fromm large breed, but he is only around 50 lbs.

    Also, hoping we may get lucky and this could mitigate the mastiff from eating my other dogs poo sometimes…

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    amy r

    Hi I have a newf who is about 130 lbs we have done fromm large breed gold from almost the beginning I tried other foods briefly and always went back to fromm. I also add in 500mg vit.c and 2400mg of fish oil. I do add toppers sardu rd salmon frozen veggies raw egg sweet pot (also raw apple yogurt and rotate them all regularly. Her coat is amazing as us her overall health.

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    michelle l

    hi i have been feeding my husky this brand; country value. high in protein and the cheapest by far compared to other brand. 50lbs at sgd$73 when other brand is selling sgd$135.

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    Country value is horrible. And you are over paying. You can get the 40 lbs bag for 20$ at most places. It’s meant to be fed to farm dogs.

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