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    So, the other night, someone peed on the rug by the door; I was in bed, Steve didn’t see who it was. Today, someone did, again. Bad me, I didn’t see either. It’s not Gemma, I don’t think because it was quite a big circle of urine.

    I think it may be Ginger, she’s gone to the door a couple times recently which is strange, she usually waits til I take the others out, she doesn’t usually ask to go.

    Here’s the question: I posted elsewhere but I got some SoJo’s turkey to try. Anyone smarter than me: is there anything in it that could cause a UTI? She had one once, when she was still a puppy.

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    It shouldn’t be anything in the food, if it’s a UTI.

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    It’s a possibility that she’s drinking more water from the food change.

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    You’re right, BC, just trying to figure out what’s going on. I can’t do anything til I know who’s even doing it. Sandy may be right aboutbAnnamaet the food change.

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    This might be a really dumb response, but maybe she just needs to go out more. I mean you said it was a large amount of pee. So maybe she just really had to go, and couldn’t hold it anymore.

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    Mine usually go out every couple hours but since she peed (we think it’s her) right by the door, obviously we didn’t see her. Boone makes it obvious: he will sit at the door. If you don’t see him, he will run back & forth. If you miss that, he will nudge your hand. If you miss that, he’ll pee. Neither of the girls lets us know, unfortunately. Totally our fault. Thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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