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    Don B

    Hi I have a 12 yr old pug female who has been diagnosed with kidney disease probably early.Her creatinine blood levels weren’t too bad I think I am waiting on further reports from a urine test.My vet gave me a supplement for her arthritis called phycox ha which I noticed has creatine monohydrate 90 mg in it.she also is on a kidney care diet hills prescription food.we are not sure what stage her disease is at but would that supplement harm her kidneys by working harder with the creatine in it therefore increasing her creatinine blood levels which I thought had to low with kidney disease.i don’t know what to do but if anyone can help I’d appreciate it.I will have to ask my vet but thought maybe someone could give me help with this or any other foods tips on what I gave feed her thanks

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    There is someone with kidney disease experience; I messaged her so hopefully she will read.

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