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    Michael B

    Has anyone noticed the awful odor of their pet’s kibble, now that it is being packaged in plastic rather than paper? I have kibble from Instinct, Fromm, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Purina that all smells like a freshly painted room drying. My Rough Collie quit eating his kibble until he goes 2 – 3 days on a hunger strike, or unless I add canned food or table scraps to the kibble. This was never a problem when the kibble was packaged in paper. At first, I thought it might be old food or related to some manufacturer’s recipe, and changed types of food and eventually brands. I am now getting concerned that it is not the food ( at time of manufacture ), but either 1.) the plastic packaging is outgassing, or 2.) the kibble is becoming rancid becasue it can’t breath, or 3.) some sort of a chemical reaction is occuring between some ingredient in the kibble and the plastic and is creating the foul odor. At this point, I have become fearful for my collie’s health and am currently moving him over to Fresh Pet, until this issue gets cleared up. I tried canned food, but his sensitive stomach has issues with canned food… resulting in extremely soft stools or worse… diarrhea. He is currently handling Fresh Pet quite well. I have contacted Fromm, whom seems genuinely concerned about my experiences and I have also contacted one of companies that manufactures the plastic packaging, but has not yet responded. In the case of Fromm, the kibble was extremely fresh, wiith a use by date in 2022. I keep the kibble in the plastic packaging it came in and squeeze out the air before clamping the rolled up packaging to help keep air from getting back in. If you have have been experiencing simmilar issues, I would love to hear about your experience. If your pet is eating fine, and you are feeding kibble, you might take a sniff of the kibble and the inside of the bag to see what you detect. It would be absolutely awful if this new packaging has not been adequately tested and it is unknowingly effecting the health of our pets.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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