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    I’m totally confused about the Fat and Fiber content of Kibble verses Canned Dog food and am not sure how to make the comparison. I hate math, so keeping that in mind, is there any easy way to compare the two? My dog needs a Low Fat <12% and Low Fiber <4% food.

    What does that look like in a canned food?

    Any recommendations?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi jgr789 –

    That bad news is that it is necessary to perform some mathematical calculations in order to compare the nutrient values of kibble and canned foods, the good news is that the math is fairly straight forward.

    1. Determine the percent dry matter in the canned food by subtracting the % moisture (listed on the label) from 100%.

    2. Divide as fed % value of the nutrient you’re interested in by the % dry matter that you calculated in the previous step.

    3. You should get a decimal – multiply this decimal by 100% and you’ll have the % of the nutrient on a dry matter basis.

    So, for example, let’s say a canned food claims to contain 80% moisture and 5% fat:

    1. 100% – 80% = 20% dry matter

    2. 5% fat as fed/20% dry matter = 0.25

    3. 0.25 X 100% = 25% fat on a dry matter basis

    Hope this helps!

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    I do it sort of the same way..I think you taught me Hound dog but I was so confused at first, then I understood….
    I takeaway 100% – Moisture% say moisture on tin is 78% then I takeaway 100-78= 22 thats the dry matter =22% then look on can what’s the fat, say 5% I then get the calculater & devide, I put 5 that’s the fat on tin then devide by 22 then I press the % on the calculater & u’ll get 22.727272 so the fat is about 22%..even if u just put 5 devided by 22 I still get the 0.22.727272 there’s just a 0 in front does that make sense.. I cant find a tin food that’s low enough in fat only the vet prescription diets, so I boil chicken breast & I boil pumkin that way I know what he’s eating the only problem Im having my boy has lost weight & I dont know what to feed him that doesnt have much fat & doesnt have much carbs as he gets itchy, maybe I’ll add some rice, I added pasta but he started to itch….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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