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    Sally D

    My 10 year old Westie has been having an on/off problem with vomiting and sometimes diarrhea. We feed her Wellness Core low fat which she has had for many years with no problem. We usually add a very small amount of cooked chicken. When she got sick, she was put on SCience Diet ID and got better. Then we introduced her normal diet along with a couple Kennellmaster chicken chips. After a few days, she got sick again. Back to SD…got better…back on normal food for a few days….had a lot of gas yesterday….just got sick again. She did have a couple chips yesterday. Has anyone had a problem with these chips?

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    I have never tried or heard of these chips. I just checked out their website. They say the only ingredient is chicken. So, unless your dog has an intolerance to chicken, in theory they should be ok. Have you tried to avoid feeding them for a few weeks to see if the digestive upset stops? Are you sure she isn’t getting into anything outside?

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