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    Susan K

    Has anybody tried JustFoodForDogs recipes?

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    Hi Susan-
    I don’t know anything about this food, but I’ll bump up your post so it might catch someone’s attention!

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    Susan K

    Thank you!

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    Paula D

    Yes, I used it when my Bruno developed late-in-life kidney disease and the vet recommended a more medium protein and –more important— low phosphorus diet instead of the raw I had been feeding. Easy to understand recipe, using the food processor it didn’t take long to chop up everything, and both my hounds liked the cooked food. My two “negatives” we’re that the recipe made a lot of food and so you needed freezer space and it was expensive. Their treats are also excellent!

    Good luck.

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    Susan K

    Thank you! Since I have 3 dogs the amount of food is perfect for me, but a week ago I switched my 5yrs old shar-pei/beagle and a 4 month old puppy to raw foods, my 3yr old min schnauzer refuses to eat raw and since he, like most schnauzer, has a tommy troubles ( after spending 2 days in a hospital was diagnosed with gastritis) I don’t push it. So, I still have to cook some food, and keep it as part of a rotation for the other once.

    P.S…..Their recipe is very good. The first time it was made I left it on a stovetop to cool down, my daughter came home, and before I could say a word deposited a hefty spoonful into her mouth…said it was good but needed a bit of salt…lol. I just kept quiet!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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