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    kiersten W

    My pit is extremely itchy. All day/night he is constantly biting at his paws and itching at his stomach. He was originally on kibbles and bits, and we switched him to Blue Life Protection Adult Formula about a week and a half ago, but we haven’t seen any results. Our pit is itching so much that he is starting to faintly lose the hair around his eyes, and sometimes he will throw himself so hard into the ground that he will make himself bleed. All 4 paws are very red and his hair is very splotchy on his paws. CBD oil seemed to help, but its a bit expensive.
    Any other ideas?? We’re desperate here!
    Thanks, Kiersten.

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    Make an appointment with a veterinary dermatologist for optimal results. Or at least see your regular vet and see what treatment options he has to offer if you have not done so already.

    Some examples on this topic per the search engine.



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    joanne l

    Take your dog to the vet and rule out fleas and mites and or mange. Other than that I don’t know, obviously he is allergic to something or many things. Or it is a skin condition. How old is he and when did you see this start? I did hear that Pits have skin problems. I have heard a few or more people say this that own Pits.

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    kiersten W

    He is 4… I am going to make a vet appointment to rule out mites and mange and get a professional opinion. We are looking into side effects of trifexis ? It’s been about 2 months since his last dose. Do you think that because he isn’t taking it anymore that he is having a reaction? He is definitely not living his best life…

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    joanne l

    He started itching after you stopped the medication, Trifexis? If so than it could be fleas. I never used that medication but is it a monthly one?? The vet will know for sure if he has fleas or mange or mites. So I would get him checked by the vet for that first. It is hard to find fleas, if you have a fleas comb you can try to find some, but they are stubborn insects to find, that is why I say let the vet see if it is these things.

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    Per the search engine: /forums/topic/anyones-dog-allergic-to-peas/page/2/#post-143872

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    kiersten W

    Thank you everyone! I figured i would update you all to let you know that Bro is NOT ITCHING OR SCRATCHY ANYMORE! The vet prescribed him prednisone and we continued to feed him the blue life protection plus adult food. He rests peacefully now and his hair is coming back where he lost it. He is doing great!! Blue Life does hive him gas though… LOTS of gas.

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    Continue to work closely with your vet. The prednisone is effective and will stop the suffering temporarily however it is not good to give long term and may cause other health issues At least the prednisone will give his skin a chance to heal, without it he would be vulnerable to skin infection and also need antibiotics.
    The prednisone is an emergency measure but not a long term treatment.
    The pruritus tends to come right back when the prednisone is stopped.

    Ask your vet about Apoquel and the other treatment options for environmental allergies.
    Good luck

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    Patricia G

    My 11 year old small breed mix also has been itching and biting a lot recently. No change in his food or treats! Took him to the vet , no arthritis, said it was probably allergies. He has also gotten his eye stains back, which he hasn’t had for years. He is on “GO Food”. Not sure what to do, any suggestions? HELP

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    @ Patricia G

    If or what treatment is indicated depends on the severity of the allergies and how long they have been going on. Are the symptoms seasonal or all year long?

    What did the veterinarian that examined him recommend?

    PS: Daily bathing with a antifungal shampoo such as Mal-A-Ket or Malaseb or even a gentle puppy shampoo may help. Google to find the best prices.
    I buy them in the gallon jugs.
    However if his skin becomes irritated/infected go back to the vet, asap.

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    Itchy Shih Tzu has allergies
    By Dr. John De Jong | Ask the Vet
    September 8, 2019 at 12:43 am

    My 7-year-old Shih Tzu has just started itching a lot more so I took her to the vet. The itching just started a few weeks ago, seemed to come and go, and got worse recently.
    My friend’s dog also started itching a lot and her vet gave the dog an injection that seemed to work and the dog got better. She also mentioned that there was an anti-itch pill available so I mentioned both. My vet gave me Apoquel pills and the dog is already improved so I’m grateful but I was also told that there is a distinct possibility that this itchiness was due to a seasonal allergy and that I could likely expect it every year from now on. Is that true?
    The more I thought about it, I realized that my dog always seemed itchy in late August in the past few years. Is there any testing that could have given me a heads up and what can I do to prevent a recurrence next year?

    It sounds as if your dog has a seasonal allergy that we refer to as atopy or atopic dermatitis.
    These signs can appear at almost any time after the dog reaches about a year although occasionally it is seen earlier and indeed, it seems to get more problematic with each passing year. Caused often by pollens and airborne matter, it triggers a group of signs including pruritis or itchiness, oily skin, secondary focal infections, hair loss, changes in skin and hair color, and crusts.
    These findings can occur in the ears, ventral abdomen and along the legs, often causing dogs to lick and chew at their feet and inside legs.One does need to rule out other causes, such as ectoparasites like fleas and mange mites, but the seasonality is often a dead giveaway.
    Previous or current testing can be done to determine what your dog is allergic to and then allergy shots can be done to desensitize the dog. Speak with your veterinarian about these options as well as the possibility of using appropriate shampoos as the season approaches. Likely your friend’s dog was given an injection of Cytopoint, however Apoquel works very well and seems to be doing the trick. Both of these work for limited periods but are safe and can be used as needed to control the itch and keep the patient comfortable.
    Often, breaking the itch cycle for a while resolves the problem along with the change of season and weather. Be ready for more of the same and slightly increased intensity next year.

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    Many dog lovers are surprised to learn about the underlying cause of itching and paw licking. Here is a super interesting article that I hope you will find helpful;

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    Walter P

    To extract blood from their host, fleas first “spit” into the place where they are going to bite to dilute the blood enough to suck it into their throats.

    The saliva released during this process is what causes most allergic reactions in pets or people.

    The allergic reactions, in turn, cause much of the itching leading to skin damage from the scratching.

    Thus the bite of even one flea, for a sensitive person or pet, can result in severe skin problems that can last for weeks to months.

    This sensitivity can be eliminated by returning the pet to health with holistic approaches.

    Some dogs and cats are practically immune to flea bites, but there are others who develop flea allergy dermatitis which causes intense itchiness, pain and swelling etc.

    Dog itching remedies

    Vitamin E.
    Just like it’s excellent for your skin, and help clear up wrinkles, Vitamin E also helps soothe the dog’s itchy skin and make it healthy.

    You can use chamomile tea and herbal tea.

    Put it in a sprayer, then put it in the fridge and let it chill.

    Oatmeal for dog itching.
    Now you’ve probably heard of this one before, but it is one of the tops, and it works.

    Oatmeal will soothe your dog’s itchy skin, so grind it up in a coffee grinder or a blender, and rub it into your dog’s skin.

    Source: Natural Remedies To Cure Dog’s Itchy Skin

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