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    sheila s

    I have a 3 yo Weimeraner He is chewing himself on his side the hair is gone and I noticed a rash all over him. I feed him Natral balance sweet pot. and chicken for about a year now before that it was Inova. Nothing has really changed with him so any suggestions? thank you

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    For an all over rash, I’d head to the vet. Chicken isnt’ new to him but something is causing it. That’s where the vet will help.

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    This sounds like an allergic reaction, however I agree with mogavero, check with your vet. There are other causes of rashes and the vet can often tell by what the rash looks like if it is another cause.

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    I’d agree as well. Rashes are usually allergic reactions to some sort of food. My girl was constantly chewing on herself, to the point of bleeding many times. We found out she had various food allergies, and now she’s doing great.

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