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    Barbara G

    I have a Terrier Dachound mix, Oliver, He chews his feet until he cant walk. and itches all the time. the vet and I have tried everything we can think of and have not solved the problem. Is there anyone who may have a solution. or suggestion. My Chiweenie has just started with the feet chewing. We have another dog outside who does not have the problem. they are all on the same food. We live in a wooded area outside Houston, TX. Thanks you. Barb G

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    There are really knowledgeable folks here so I will defer to them and just just briefly share our itchy paws story experience. My Lhasa mix chewed her front paws and itched her ears nonstop. We found out she was allergic to poultry and white potatoes and I found a reasonable kibble that worked for her. When grandma or a neighbor gives her treats we get the paw problems again. A lot of people on this forum opt for raw, but it is just not an option for us. I will be watching to see what others have to say. Fingers crossed for you! Leah

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    Hi Barbara, I agree with Leah, it sounds like an allergy to something in his food. What kind of food are you feeding?

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    First of all Barbara, in order for any of us to try to help, please tell us what you are feeding your dog. It definitely sounds like some sort of food intolerance/allergy and/or environmental allergy. One of my dogs has both issues.

    Hi Cyndi, praying for Bailey. Don’t do anything with Bailey till you get all blood work results.

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    Thank you Dori. I replied to you in the other thread. 🙂

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