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    My dogs were on Sentinel forever with no problems. After the recall, the vet prescribed Trifexia for heartworm/fleas. My lab is doing fine, but my beagle became very ill with lethargy and terrible diarrhea for weeks. It’s gotten much better but she still has occasional diarrhea, which she never had before. I switched her to another heartworm med and she tolerated it okay. The vet insists it wasn’t the Trifexia and that it was a coincidence that the diarrhea started 12 hours after her first pill. She suggested it may be a colitis or irritable bowel syndrome that just happened to start after taking the Trifexia :). Coincidences do happen, but I’m a bit skeptic.

    But why the bouts of diarrhea since October? About once I week I’ll see something “loose” in the yard. She’s been on 4 treatments of Flagyl and probiotic packets and it just won’t go away. Before I spend $$$$ on further tests and treatments, perhaps someone here had the same problem and found a cure.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I got talked into trying Trifexis back when it first came out. My older male dog tolerated it fine but my female vomited everytime I gave it to her. I then found out I didn’t want all the extras in Trifexis (flea preventative, broad spectrum dewormer) – it’s too much chemicals. I switched back to the regular Heartguard that just does heartworm and I only administer it during heartworm season (late spring to early fall where I am) and I no longer use any chemical flea and tick preventatives or wormers.

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    Unfortunately Trifexis has some serious side effects for some dogs. The company down plays it so many vets aren’t aware how serious they can be.

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