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    Tom W

    I’m high risk so I try to avoid going out during this Pandemic. I had been buying a food at Costco but it wasn’t Kirkland but DFA gave it a 4 star rating. Now I don’t go to Costco because I’m also disabled and cannot wait in the line to get in plus the crowds. Plus due to the nature of my disability it’s really hard to deal the the large sacks of food. Last April I thought I found a good food for my 25lb 16-year-old mutt on Amazon it was Blackwood and it was only $15.32 for 15lbs. I should have realized that price is too good to be true because this month it’s double that price.

    I can afford to spend up to about $20 for 15lbs if the dry food is good quality. I always try to stick to foods that DFA gives 4 stars or better. I was only paying about $25 for a much bigger bag at Costco before.

    Any suggestions or am I expecting to much?

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    Patricia A

    Hi Tom…You can look at Budget friendly dog food at this site here on the Dog Food Advisor. /best-dog-foods/budget-friendly/
    Also, I know my senior dog when at that age really enjoyed some plain boiled white meat chicken, string beans and very lean hamburger mixed in with her kibble. This way you can possibly get a higher rated 4 or 5* kibble and stretch it by giving a little less kibble with simple homemade cooked food. However, please go VERY SLOWLY with any transition of any new type of food as not to upset his stomach. Good luck and since your profile photo has you with a good catch I say happy fishing to you since I also enjoy fishing.

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