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    •Natural Selections™ Meals
    – Free-Range Meat and Organic Vegetables
    The highest quality USDA-approved ingredients, free of antibiotics, hormones or chemical pesticides.
    •ZooLogics™ Meals
    – Human-Quality, USDA-approved Ingredients
    The same complete formula but with conventionally-raised, human-quality ingredients. It’s the most economical way to feed fresh food to your dog. Great for those on a tight budget or with several large dogs.

    What is the difference and is Organic really that much better and I know there are different levels of organic quality and the price difference does make a difference when you are feeding 4 dogs Raw but at the same time I want my 4dogs to get the best that they can get. Right now we are getting the Organic but I am also wondering about the Zoologics and how many of you feed this over the Organic and vise vera if so? I do plan to contact Darwin’s to ask them the difference to see what they say but I would also like your opinions to compare? Is Organic all it is cracked out to be?

    Also I am feeding the turkey but if I decided to switch to another Darwin’s protein meat should I mix or not?

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    The Natural Selections is better, IMO. Free range met is almost always better. I fed the Zoologics strictly due to the price.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    The organic produce isn’t the only difference between the Natural Selections and the Zoologics – the Natural Selections has free-range meat that’s antiobiotic and hormone free, the Zoologics has conventionally raised meat. If you can afford the Natural Selections, I’d highly recommend going with that over the Zoologics. If the Natural Selections is too pricey, the Zoologics is still better than any kibble could ever hope to be. So your dogs will be better off than they were on kibble either way – imo.

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    I totally agree with InkedMarie and HDM.

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