Is my dog's poop telling me to switch foods?

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    Allie P

    I believe my instinct is telling me that something isn’t quite right, I’m looking for some outside opinions to help sway me.

    My dog has been on Sojos freeze dried raw for over 4 months. In that time, her poops have gone from twice a day, to four times per day. She also had a case of vasculitis, cause unknown. Other than those two things (with the vasculitis potentially not even food related), she looks healthy. Eyes, ears, skin, coat, energy, all good.

    What’s been nagging at me though is that Sojos is primarily plant based, although meat is the first ingredient, there is clearly more plant matter than meat in the bag. Years ago, she was getting The Honest Kitchen, which also seems mostly plant based, and on both foods she dropped weight to the point where it worried me. She doesn’t seem to have lost muscle mass, but her tuck up and ribs have become a lot more pronounced. That could just be me doing a bad job with portioning her meals though – after all its not as simple as just scooping a cup of kibble with this stuff.

    I’ve been thinking about transitioning to Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Frozen, which seems to be mostly meat content. For some reason though something is holding me back and I’m in a weird in between state of worrying that her current food is not meeting her needs but also that switching foods might for some reason be the wrong thing to do. At this moment, I’m resolving to find a canine nutritionist to help me. My dog is going to be ten years old in a couple of months, and keeping her healthy and thriving is on my mind to the point of obsession.

    If you people want to weigh in your opinions on plant content vs. meat content, or anything else you think might be helpful, I would so appreciate it.

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    Member Article by a veterinarian that specializes in nutrition (DVM, DACVIM) Science-based veterinary medicine blog written by a veterinarian.

    Hope this helps.

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