Is All Life Stages Great or Just OK for puppy (will grow to 16 lb)

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    Clare M

    We have a Mini Australian Shepherd, she’ll be around 16-18lbs. #1) We are buying food based upon what our store Kriser’s is telling us: Zignature, Ziwi Peak, and Nature’s Variety (last one not recommended by Krisers). Our puppy is 12 weeks. All of those foods are for All Life Stages. The store only carried a couple of “for puppy” foods. Do I need to order a puppy food? We want the best for our pup.

    If you have suggested articles that back up what you are saying I’d appreciate it.

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    All life stage foods are better, IMHO, than puppy foods for certain breeds. I’ve grown pups on 21% protein feeds from around 4 months old, and those are always the ones who grew without a single problem. When I experimented with very nutrient dense puppy feeds years ago, I saw hitching, uneven growth and joint conditions in later years. Puppy foods, in my experience, can exasperate or cause problems in susceptible dogs, so I personally prefer to use an adult food with more moderate protein and mineral levels.

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    Hi Clare-
    Here is a great article from the review side of this site that may help you choose a large breed puppy food:


    Hope this helps!

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    John S

    I’ve fed every puppy I’ve had in my life all stages food and they’ve all lived long healthy lives. I cant comment on puppy food but in my experience I see no need. I feed all life stages with around 21-22% protein along with probiotics and fish oil and all my dogs have been very healthy with no real medical issues. That’s feeding everything from a standard dachshund to a pitbull and a Belgian malinois. I also switch proteins with every bag I buy and have zero issues. Switching proteins is something people dont do enough. Not only does it reduce the boredom with what they eat but it gives them more nutrients and aminos from the different types of protein. Just stay within the same formula and the proteins dont cause any gastrointestinal upsets. I think what’s more important than the type of food is just feeding quality food. Get the best food you can afford and your dogs will be good

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