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    Robert S

    I am sharing info that I wish I had know 10 years ago.

    What I am going to tell you will be hard to believe, however read my story, and consider the possible outcome.

    Benji, wirehair mini dachshund is 10 this year. Ever since we got him at 2 months old he has had what the vet called a sensitive stomach. Maybe a couple times a month he would eat his kibbles, Nature’s Recipe grain free, and then be shaking like he had a fever. We would take temperature and never was it above normal. He normally threw up twice and by early afternoon he was good to go. At the vet’s suggestion, we changed food and we choose Natures Recipe, Sensitive stomach. That seemed to help for a while, but since his spells were sporadic it was hard to tell. For 8 years we dealt with it and tried to fugure it out. Changing things didn’t make any difference. We take him to vet yearly or when sick. Blood work all fine. Stool sample fine always. We give heartguard and Frontline regularly. He gets normal shots per vet.

    In June 2017 he had a seizure and my research indicated that he nay be carrier or has Lafora, no blood test completed. He has never father any pups and the only thing that might help is reducing starch from his diet. Which we are doing.

    As things would have it our now 14 year old female smooth coated mini was diagnosed, thru an xray, that she has a mass in her abdomen. Vet feels sure it is cancer. The only way to find out is an ultra sound, at additional cost and at a different vet. We are not operating and are presuming that it is a slow growing tumor. One can feel the mass but it is not visible. She was diagnosed in June 2017.

    Ever since we had Liza she has had loose stools and urinated frequently. Often in the house, which is unusual as other dachshunds have not had either problems. The vet suggested steroids, which we did off and on. Also we gave her pumpkin to firm them and fed her the same kibbles that Benji ate. (Our dogs do not est human food.)

    I had booked mark Dog Food Advisors website and used it to find Natures Recipe, grain free. So I started researching again. Thru the research I found that dogs with cancer do best on high fat high protein food. So I looked for “canned food” with carbohydrates of less than 20% and little starch. Rice, white potatoes etc.

    After feeding this type food Benji is no longer sick in mornings. Liza no longer has soft stools and urinates less often and has never urinated in our home since. To our knowledge Benji has not had another seizure, but we dont expect food to cure him, just reduce seizures.

    I now realize that dogs, especially hounds for sure need a diet of meat, vegetables, some fruit and very limited ceral type filler. (IMHO).

    I have and are using the following foods. You can use dog food advisor and do research. I am just sharing for what it is worth.

    I do mix kibbles with stew for Benji. He has most teeth and no problem eating. The gravey makes kibbles look more apealing.

    Liza gets all wet food due to health and she has lost some teeth. I figure she won’t be with us for more than 2 years so we will feed her the best we can.

    Dry: Has been discontinued still have some food to use:





    I do not work for any food companies, Vetenary, or Dog food advisor.

    If you told me this I would not believe you but I am here to tell you this is what happened to me and my dachshunds. Yes wet is more expensive, but for me, I see it as pay now for food or pay at the vets later. I now have happy dogs.

    Maybe this will help someone.

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    Hi Robert,

    A dogs digestive tract is short, made to digest meat, raw meat, not a high carb high fiber over processed dry kibble….
    Why the dogs digestive tract is short so if the dog eats rotten meat etc the meat is quickly digested & passes thru into the small bowe,l then large bowel, then he poo’s, so no bacteria can start to breed in th e stomach….

    A homemade cooked or raw diet would be heaps healthier then feeding wet dog can food but wet can dog food is better then feeding dry processed kibble, so you’re getting there, when you cook your dogs food you know whats in their food & what they’re eating, also when you cook you’re not cooking their food are very high temperatures like wet & dry dog foods are cooked, killing all the good nutrience in their food, maybe baby steps, next time you’re cooking, cook some extra boiled sweet potato or potato, a bit of meat & some green veggies for your dogs meal, mix 1/2 wet can with the cooked food & slowly start feeding cooked meals..
    Join Monica Segals Face Book group called “K-9 Kitchen” & Lew Olson group called “K-9 Nutrition” & follow “Judy Morgan DVM” she has really good videos you can watch & very easy to make dog recipes you just put in a Crock Pot slow cocker, Judy has a 16-17yr old dog.

    People think if the kibble is grain free kibble then its healthier but some of these grain free kibbles are higher in carbs, higher in fiber, full of lentils chickpeas & peas to up the protein %, so the meat protein % isnt as high as you think it is cause your getting plant protein as well, it would be good if these dog food companies had to write the Meat Protein % the Plant Protein %….. honest dog food companies are starting to write the plant protein %, google “Earthborn Holistic” Venture formula’s they write the Pumkin protein% , the Pea protein% the meat protein %…

    Back in the 50’s, 60’s, 70′ & 80’s our dogs were so much healthier then the dogs now who eat dry kibble 24/7, in the 90’s the dog food companies started telling us “DO NOT FEED YOUR DOGS HUMAN FOOD” its no good, kibble is better & we believed them, you have even even written
    (Our dogs do not est human food.) why??
    what makes you think dog food is better then a “balanced” cook meal, why some vets are against cooked or raw diets is people don’t balance their dogs diet properly causing health problems, this is why the vet will recommend to feed pet food for cause they know it will be balanced but after tests on cat wet can foods in Australia scientist found supermarket, pet shop cat foods Hills & Royal Canine all those little expensive cans of cat food were not balanced properly & now it says on these really small cans of cat food “not to be feed as a main meal”… this happened last year & the scientist who exposed this was sponsered by Hills & wouldnt give up the names of the expensive cat foods they had found not to be balanced properly, the reporter doing the story put 2 & 2 together & worked out which expensive cat foods werent balanced…
    Rodney Habib & Steve Brown recommend you add either fish or salmon oil capsule once a day to 1 of their meals, use Krill oil capsule if dog has sensitive stomach or start adding 2 spoons of salmon or sardines in olive oil or spring water to 1 of their meals a day, just read the salt % look for lowest salt % in the can salmon or sardines… for lunch sometimes I open a small can of salmon in spring water drain teh water & add some boiled sweet potato mix & give to Patch for lunch.. I boil sweet potato & freeze small pieces sweet potato freezes really well & its healthy for them..

    Google “KetoPets” for Liza & start making the Ketopets diets or cook the Ketopets diets & I bet you Liza will be here longer then 2 years….
    Dr Judy Morgan talks about this subject in one of her video’s on her facebook page look at all her “Video’s”..
    It works out cheaper cooking meals or feeding a raw diet then it does buying the wet can dog foods… also start looking at Freeze Dried food for your dogs instead of giving Benji the kibble with his wet can food..

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