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    Chandra H

    Hi! I have a 2.5 year old lab who has struggled with food issues her whole life. We have tried a lot of food and thought we were finally on some solid footing with Open farm kibble and stews. However, she recently started having bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and pain. Her doctor has ruled out obstructions, pancreatitis, parasites, etc. Everything comes back negative.

    I will put her on a bland diet of white rice and turkey and she will do ok for that week but as soon as I introduce any dog food, the bloody diarrhea comes back. The vet had me try Purina Pro sensitive turkey and oatmeal (she has been on Purina Pro before) but the same issue keeps repeating itself. We are now on a bland diet again.

    At this point we are thinking she has IBS. She has never had a solid poo in her life, but they used to at least not be water and bloody. She tends to be fine for a week, and then has an episode where she is miserable. I have noticed she seems to do better on canned/wet food than the dry kibble. I have put her on a probiotic daily as well but I am at a loss of what food to try. Has anyone had anything similar with their dog? Do you have a high fiber, canned food that has worked? I am really sad for my doggo. She’s miserable and I just want her to feel better. I have debated trying Ollie dog or another fresh food option but not sure if that would help? Or if I should stick with trying all canned food or do a small amount of kibble? I am too scared to cook my own dog food. I feel like I would miss an important vitamin or something. Right now my vet feels like we should just give her an anti diarrhea med and keep her on the Purina Pro but it just doesn’t feel like it is working at all. Thanks for any advice you have.

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    Hi Chandra-
    Sorry to hear about your pup with chronic diarrhea. Can I assume you have done fecal tests to rule out parasites? Giardia can be cyclical and tough to get rid of.

    High fiber food and Panacur helped my dogs get over chronic diarrhea.

    However, one of my cats has presumed IBD and I tried several different foods. After going to an Internal Medicine Specialist, he is stable by feeding him a novel protein Rx food, added fiber to his wet food, Tylosin powder and probiotics. He also had a series of Vitamin B shots that really helped.

    He eats Royal Canin rabbit or venison both dry and wet.

    Think about going to an Internal Medicine Specialist if you feel your regular vet isn’t finding a solution. Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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