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    Amy N


    The reason I joined this site, like most I’m sure, is to hopefully find the best dog food possible for my dogs. I use to feed Merrick when my dogs were pups and ended up with a plethora of intestinal problems.

    I have throughly read many of the recommendations as well as the comments. To my dismay, there hasn’t been a dog food, that I have seen, without its problems. I realize every dog is different and there is not a universal dog food that covers every dog. I have two service dogs that travel extensively and at least one is with me at all times. My question, what does everyone recommend for a good working dog?

    Thank you, in advance, for your time and suggestions. Have a great day.

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    Lewis F

    Amy, Hello
    My little Cavapoo (16 months) has been on Origen Puppy and now Original since we brought her home without any problem what so ever. I have read that other owners have had issues with Origen, but we have not. Origen dry ffod is rated very high and there are many varieties available, I would highly recommend a try.


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    I have been through many dog foods for my Doodle, found out she was allergic to many of the ingredients most dog food companies put in their foods. After researching and reading an article in Whole Dog Journal, I researched Sport Elite. Thankfully they have a dry kibble with Venison, and NO potato, peas, chicken, etc. They make a dog food for working and sporting dogs. Our Callie loves it and the itching has stopped. Have no idea why it’s not on the list, but look it up on Dog Food Advisor and most rate a 41/2 to 5 stars. Just saying. Good luck.

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    Amy N

    Thank you, where do you buy Sport Elite?

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    Look at Sport Dog Food dotcom

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    ray q

    My favorite food is Honest Kitchen dehydrated base mix. You add your own protein so choose whatever kind of meat you want you can even go raw. So since it sounds like you have a working dog I recommend a lot of meat. But before you do check with your vet in regards to how much protein you should add.

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    Jamie S


    I joined this site for the exact same reason as you. My dogs have been in Merrick for a while now and just began having major GI issues. I have been making homemade and their symptoms stopped. I can’t make their food longterm, and like you are looking for a high quality food. I am overwhelmed with the choices. My dogs are indoor dogs with low to moderate activity.

    Any other suggestions for lower activity Dogs?

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    Canidae Pure has a senior and a weight management that works well for a lot of dogs. It’s easy on most stomachs

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    Susan J

    I understand. I got nervous about Merrick when Purina took over too. I switched to Zignature, especially the Zssential, but they have duck, lamb. I also add in a couple tablespoons homemade for palatability. My dog is probably smaller than yours but a very active terrier. I am still feeding Merrick canned occasionally for a change because he seems to like it.

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    Amy N

    Update: I ended up ordering 3 bags of the Beef formula from Sport Dog and had great success eliminating the allergies no to mention both of my boys loved it!! To our disappointment they changed the formula and added chicken to ALL formulas. I have tried contacting them and cannot get a return. I now am looking for new recommendations.

    PS I used Merrick when these guys were pups (on the whole litter) and had horrible horrible GI problems. Will NEVER feed Merrick again!

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