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    Alicia P

    Hi, pet parents!

    I have a 10 year old dachshund/cocker spaniel/terrier/probably many other breeds pupper named Molly.

    Molly is quite a bit overweight, even though she is very active. She’s constantly running up and down the stairs, jumping, and being a crazy girl. She is quite muscular, but is weighing in at 27 pounds! Yikes! She was thriving on the Royal Canin Satiety Support/Hydrolyzed protein diet, but now they don’t make that food. Since we figured she was having some sort of allergy issue because of the paw licking, we switched her to the Satiety Support and she seemed to do well on that, as well, because of the proteins Royal Canin seems to use. However, now I can’t get it. We tried the Hill’s for weight/mobility. However, she gained back all of her weight and I am at a loss of what to do. I believe she has an allergy that was not present in the Royal Canin, but both foods she was on were special protein foods. I don’t know what that protein may be in the Royal Canin, so I have no idea what food would work for her.

    I know everyone might be thinking I should talk to my vet, but I have to pay $60 every time I want to do that, there are super limited animal vets in my area so I can’t just choose another vet, and the vets don’t seem to want to spend too much time on dog food questions.

    Pet parents, please help! I want my pupper to be comfortable and not have to worry about her weight and joint health as she gets older!

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    Hi! Looks like they have a moderate calorie hydrolyzed food. Would that work for you. Royal Canin is frustrating right now for sure. So many of their foods are out of stock. Makes it stressful when you have a pet with medical issues needing them.

    Another idea is to give RC a call or shoot them an email asking what they recommend for an alternative.

    Good luck! Hope you find an alternative.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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