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    Michelle D

    Wish there were more hypoallergenic brands, I’m not comfortable with brands listed. Hill”s ingredients are corn not GMOs free, all listed here are. I have a bulldog. She doesn’t like them corn, peas, rice, sweet potato, potato turn to sugar in system which means yeast to my pup. Any recommendations?

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    Hypoallergenic? If dogs have food allergies or sensitivities, they’re unique to each dog. One dog food, even if hyped as hypoallergenic, isn’t going to work for every dog. If you know what your dog can’t have, look at ingredient lists or try Google and be specific about what not to be in ingredient list.

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    Jennifer P

    I too wish they had better dog food for allergies. You need to find out by process of elimination what your dog is allergic too. Mine it’s chicken and apples. So far Blue Buffalo prescription HF is working, no apples or chicken. Pin pointing what they allergic too is the first step.

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    Joelle V

    You might investigate Kasich fish recipes. I also like Petcurean sensitive fish recipes. Check the ingredients. I also like the human grade Weruva tuna soup. It does have a few peas.
    I agree that there is some trial and error. I only feed canned food. I provide a teeth cleaning chew once a week.
    Good luck.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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