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    Had to run my Boston mix to vet because she ran for one second outside and hurt her back.
    He gave pain pills.
    I know she needs a Glucosamine ( Gonna put all the dogs on them – because they are all older anyway).
    I saw the product NOW that was glucosamine in a powder and one in capsules.
    Which is best and what mg do I get?
    Their weights rang from 5 to 12 lbs. Thanks!

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi honeybeesmom1 –

    For therapeutic effect I’ve generally seen the recommended dose of glucosamine as being 500 mg. per 25 lbs. I’d start them on about 250 mg. for about 2 weeks and if you see improvement cut the dose in half or give it every other day. You might get better results if you give a combination supplement that contains chondroitin and/or MSM in addition to the glucosamine and, additionally, give an anti-inflammatory such as boswellia, yucca, turmeric, bromelain or tart cherry.

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    Thanks HDM! The knowledge and help that you and others have here are amazing!
    I will get the glucosamine & chondroitin w/ MSN in 250 mg.
    The tumeric…is that in the grocery isle? What doseage of that would I give?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Here is a wonderful resource on turmeric, including a dosage chart:

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    Thank you much- that site is a wealth of info!

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    HDM, wouldn’t the Swanson Mobility Essentils you suggested to me be a good thing too?

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    Hound Dog Mom


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