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    Fran K

    if a dog needs to be on a GI diet and is on a low residue diet for easy digestion and yet needs to have anal glands expressed, and sometimes they get infected (so he needs good solid poops to help express the glands), how does one get a low residue diet into him for easy digestion yet gets enough bigg good solid poops instead of tiny soft ones to help the sacs naturally express?

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    via the search engine, hope this helps

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    Fran K

    Thanks, between that, my vet and a breeder, it’s all great info.

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    Hi what low residue kibble are you feeding?? I fed the Vet Diet Eukanuba Intestinal not the Intestinal Plus cause the Intestinal Plus has 4% fiber, the Intestinal just has 1.7% fiber… Iams Intestinal has 4% fiber, so if poos aren’t firm ur boy may need less fiber like my boy…how you will know is add some pumkin, if poos firm up after adding 1 spoon pumkin he needs more fiber if poos become more sloppy after adding the spoon pumkin he needs less fiber…another thing I do is I soak the kibble in water then when kibble is soft I drain all the water out real well then I put the kibble thru a blender for 4 sec the kibble should come out all separating not a ball of glue, its easier to digest when it been soaked & put thru a blender I have found there’s no whinging after eating his meals now….I also add some blended chicken & the poos are firmer when I add some cooked ingredients with the kibble…

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