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    We have been feeding our dog Science Diet C/D since her stones were removed. I really think this food has a lot of junk in it. Does anyone have any advice for me. My vet seems to steer all his patients to prescription brands of food that he sells. My dog has gained so much weight on this. His answer was to feed less 1/4 cup twice a day. She was a 9lb. when she started on this now she is pushing 14. Oh when we started her on c/d we were told to give 1 1/2 to 2 cups per day. Any ideas would be a great help. Thank you

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    Science Diet CD has 413 calories per cup. According to their feeding chart a 10 lb. dog should receive 3/4 to 1 cup per day. Dog food manufacturers often over state the amount that should be fed to sell more product. For example, my 15 – 16 lb. dogs get a little less to a level cup of a food that is 415 calories per cup. Feed 1/4 cup twice a day and the weight should come off.

    Link to previous DFA review and discussion of Science Diet CD.

    Hills Science Diet site with nutrition, feeding and calorie information:

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    Hi Flovlt,

    This link may be helpful.


    You didn’t say what stone type your dog had but this covers the most common types.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi sisu –

    I don’t think dog food manufacturers “over state” the amount that should be fed to sell more product. I’ve actually had the opposite experience – my dogs generally eat much more than what’s recommended on feeding charts. There’s no standard when it comes to how much a dog should eat as there are so many variables, so most feeding charts are just a ball park figure. According to SD’s feeding chart a 70 lb. dog should eat about 4 cups a day @ 413 kcal. per cup that’s only 1,652 kcal. per day – my 70 lb. female eats 2,500 kcal. per day.

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    Jackie B

    Dogs have different reasons for forming bladder stones. You need to figure out what type your pup had so you can choose a food that is low in the mineral that contributed to the formation. Also I recommend feeding exclusively wet or moist food, and getting a circulating pet fountain. The more moisture moving through the system, the better urinary health.

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    Thanks everyone ? We are adjusting and doing things a bit more in line with better health in mind for our little one. Thank you to all. flovlt

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