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    Rea S

    I can’t find the formula on how to find out the percent of carbs. Please help.


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    Rea, I can assist you. I just joined this forum today and need some advice on how to navigate inside it and find the right place for my interests. Would you help me or introduce me to someone far more knowledgeable with on-line forums that I am?

    On your question about carbs, there is the theoretical response based on nutrition science and there is the practical how to do it. Will provide you with the practical and see if this satisfies your need.

    Assumption: requirement is to calculate carbs in grams weight from a known food of a known weight.

    Approach: find that food’s nutrition profile that states the carb content per serving.

    Data Source: use nutritiondata.self.com to find the food’s macro nutrient profile. There are other sources but let’s use this one.

    (1) select per 100g on the site pull down.
    (2) record the database results for carb content per 100g.
    (3) weigh your sample in g (or convert your food weight to g).
    (4) food weight (g) x food data [carb (g) per food sample size 100 (g)] = carb (g).

    Illustration: what is the carb content of 1.3 lbs of raw zucchini
    (1) go to http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2639/2

    (2) record the data for a pull down selection sample size of 100 g to be 1.2g Prot, 3.3g Carb, and 0.2g Fat.

    (3) convert your sample to (g). Let’s say you weight your 1.3 lb in grams and it shows 591g. The conversion factor for lbs to g is 453.592 g/lb, i.e. weight lbs x 453.592 g/lb = weight g.

    (4) 591 g Zucchini x 3.3 g Carb per 100 g sample = 19.5 g Carb.

    Hope this fully clarifies the matter for you. poodaddy

    P.S. For the percent, assuming you were looking for the percent of carbs in zucchini, it could be as simple as reading the percent data from the nutrition database output Or you could use the 3.3 g Carb per 100 g sample = 3.3% by weight. The only issue with this in isolation is to do this for a menu, requires the total grams of Carb for all foods in the menu to be divided by the total grams of the menu x 100 for the percent of Carb in that menu.

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    Hi Rea,
    How you work out the Carbohydrates in dry kibble?
    you add the Protein% + the Fat% + the Fiber% + the Moisture% + the Ash%, a good honest kibble company will put the ash % on kibble bag or their pet food site but they normally don’t want you to know the ash %….
    a good kibble should have low ash % around 5% & under for ash %, if the Ash isn’t written on the kibble bag or on the pet food site then just add 8% for the ash %, once you have added up protein, fat, fiber, moisture & ash % now take away the score from 100 & you’ll have your carb % or you can email the pet food company & ask them & they will give you the correct Carb %… I feed kibbles that are under 40% in Carbs…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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