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    Thomas B

    Hello everyone, I’m a newbie here. So, my 11 years old senior dog started losing weight. The only food that he eats is not full of good nutrients also.. I don’t know what to do… I searched for a specific food that helps a dog to gain weight, but I don’t want to waste money on foods that are not helpful at all. I found an article about that and it looks like there might be something that I need. Here is a link to this article if you have the same problem So what are your recommendations? I tried to feed him with raw food but he vomits a lot and I guess it is hard for him to digest it.

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    Dogs love chicken, just add a little to his kibble with a splash of water

    I boil a small chicken once a month in a huge pot, nothing added, then let it simmer for 3 to 4 hours.
    Let it cool for a couple of hours. You may have to put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
    When cool enough to handle, remove the chicken and debone, be very careful and throw out small pieces and such as tiny bones could be in there. When in doubt, throw out.
    Put the pot of broth in the fridg on cold temp for 24 hours, the fat will rise to the top so that you can easily remove it.
    Separate the broth in individual containers or freezer baggies (3 or 4 day supply each) store in freezer.
    Do the same for the chicken meat.
    Its a bit of work and messy, but cost effective, and you know for sure that there are no added ingredients.
    The store bought has preservatives and salt. The more expensive brand in the organic section might be a little better.

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    If that is too much work for you, boil or scramble an egg (no milk) and add to his kibble meal with a splash of water.

    Has he had a senior checkup? Lab work? Kind of important. He may have a medical condition that will respond to treatment.

    Find a vet that you like and trust, then listen to him.

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    If he’s been checked by a vet and nothing is found (he’s just being picky) try the suggested above, egg (raw or cooked), some raw (thaw slowly in fridge) or cooked chicken prepared properly as a topper. You can also try raw goats milk to add some fat into his diet, or look for new born puppy dog formula at a pet store and mix that’s with his food. Also whatever brand he is eating try to see if it has a puppy formula and feed him that if he likes it, you can also top with canned puppy food as well for a calorie boost.
    The main the would be to make sure he doenst have any ailments first. And hopefully getting him transitioned onto a better quality food.

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    has your dog been checked out for acid reflux? as we age with don’t make as much Hydrochloric acid in stomach, this is called Hypochlorhydria (Low Stomach Acid) & this can cause acid reflux…
    Dogs become fussy cause the foods they are eating are causing bad acid reflux, start feeding “lean cooked” white meats – turkey breast, chicken breast & lean pork cooked meat, boil Sweet Potato, Google “Judy Morgan Pup Loaf” I make into rissoles & freeze & add sweet potato, Sweet Potato soothe the stomach & bowel so after your dog vomits thaw a piese of sweet potato mash on plate & serve warm & dog will lick off plate, my cat & dog love sweet potato..

    Buy tin Salmon in spring water look for the tin salmon with teh lowest sodium/salt% drain spring water put salmon in air tight container put in fridge, boil Sweet Potato pieces & freeze in sandwich clip seal plastic bags put in freezer, if Sweet Potato pieces stick together when frozen just hit sandwich bag on sink & sweet potato pieces will separate. Take out as needed..
    Feed 4 small meals a day, for lunch get a bowl add 2-3 spoons of salmon & add 2-3 small pieces of boiled sweet potato, it thaws in microwave if frozen -15sec, mix with salmon & serve, warm not cold, your dog will love this..

    Look at “Canidae Pure Meadow” Senior kibble, get a small bag from pet shop, Canidae has palability guaranteed money back so if your dog wont eat it take back get refund.
    Canidae Pure Meadow is small size kibbles & has everything needed for an senior dog, only serve about 1/4 a cup with some salmon & sweet potato mixed together mixed thru the kibble….

    Also you said your dog vomites talk to your vet about taking an ant acid reducer like Zanatc or Pepcid to begin with, if you see your dog seems better when takes Acid reducer 20mins before Breakfast & Dinner then the ant acid reducer isnt working no more talk to your vet about putting your dog on something stronger an acid blocker – “Omeprazole” or I use 20mg “Pantoprazole”
    Trial for 3 -4 days then stop & see was there an improvment in those 4 days with your dogs eating while taking the ant acid blocker??
    You can buy at chemist, best given first thing in morning once a day 20mg, can be given before or after food but best as soon as dog wakes up then feed breakfast.. but you can not just be stop acid blocker once dog has taken for more then 21 days, needs to be reduced slowly if been on the acid blocker more then 21 days..

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    Let him eat chicken

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    joanne l

    You can also try a high calorie dog food, if he can handle it. Also, like others said, cook chicken and maybe boil some ground meat and add white rice to it.

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    Ashlee B

    If anyone ask to the question for me how can I help my dog to gain weight? Then I always said one words specially, that is first of all you should be taken caring so much to the dog. And obviously you should give eat some good food regularly. If your dog able to eat some best food, then easily will become to gain weight. Because the best food extremely help to gain weight loss of a dog.

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    Ashlee B

    If you want to gain weight for your dog, First of all you should give the best dog food. There are so much dog food in the world, But here I’d like to say some best dog name. Hopefully this will be the greatest and helpful food for your dog.

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    04. chicken
    05. Meat

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