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    Mary D


    I just started giving my dog Honest Kitchen. He normally ate 1 cup kibble in the am and 1 cup kibble in the pm. Now, I am giving him 1/2 cup kibble and 1/2 cup honest kitchen. If I want to go to all Honest Kitchen, will 1 cup fill him up like 1 cup kibble does?

    I called Honest Kitchen and they had no idea how much of their food would equal a cup of kibble. Your assistance and/or advice is appreciated.


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    So the box should have feeding guidelines on it just like the bag of kibble. So let’s say you’re feeding the Turkey honest kitchen food. For a 20 lbs dog with average activity levels it calls for 1/2 acup to 1 cup per day of the dry matter. Then you’d add 3/4 cup of water to 1 and 1/2 cups of water just depending on your dogs preference. There shouldn’t be any reason to wonder if one cup of this will equal one cup of kibble. Just follow the directions on the box of honest kitchen you have for the weight of your dog and there shouldn’t be any problems.

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    Hi Mary D,

    This “I called Honest Kitchen and they had no idea how much of their food would equal a cup of kibble” doesn’t surprise me. In my interactions with Honest Kitchen I found they mean well but have little understanding of basic nutrition such as how to answer your question.

    I can help you figure this out if you’d like. All I need is the caloric information for which food you were feeding kcals/cup and which Honest Kitchen product you want to feed. Then we can calculate out the equivalent calories of the new product as a starting point for how much to feed.

    The feeding directions on their Preference box were totally inaccurate for my dog and if fed following their recommendations wouldn’t meet her nutrient needs to to mention her caloric needs.

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