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    Andrea S


    I have been making my dog homemade treats for sometime now and I was throwing around the idea of selling them. I want to make sure what I make has the best ingredients and also the nutrients that they need. Does anyone either make their own treats/food or have knowledge on the nutriments and such that are a must to have? I always see the crude protein percentages and such on packages but honestly I am not sure where to go from here.

    Thank you!

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    There are liability issues, perhaps you should speak to a lawyer friend, if possible, first. Example: A dog gets sick after consuming one of your biscuits and has to go to the vet?
    I like Mother Hubbard dog biscuits for the occasional treat for my dogs. But, most of the time I just use the kibble that I know agrees with them.
    Whenever a friend or an acquaintance gives me a “homemade item” of food for myself or my pets. I smile and say thank you, then I go home and discard it.

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    Hi Andrea S,

    Congrats on making your own treats. maybe you can provide us with an example of the ingredients in your current home made dog treats and we can add some input on what you might add.

    Since these are just treats they don’t need to be complete and balance.

    I make my dog treats occasionally. Sadly I don’t have the entrepreneurial spirit to turn this into a small side business.

    Here are some of the treats I have made:
    Liver Cookies.. Basically liver that I cook on very low heat in the oven for about 4 hours ( i cut them into round cookie shapes) and then I dip them in a tumeric extra virgin organic coconut paste. I love the taste of them and so does my pup ha.

    For Christmas I made my pup and I the following cake:
    Coconut glazed cake-basically i baked some sweet potatoes and butternut squash. Then smashed them.. Then I use one of my cake baking trays and put the smashed sweet potato butternut squash in it. Drizzle some raw honey on top. Sprinkled it with fresh coconut and baked it for 25 minutes until coconut got nice and toasty brown.

    Would love to hear some of your recipes.

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    Mary N

    What was your idea of selling them? Like manufacturing them and selling them on a large scale?

    That takes a lot of work but it is achievable if you are willing to devote yourself 🙂

    I personally make home made treats from ingredients like honey and pumpkin because my dogs love them.

    But you should consult with your veterinarian for them to explain you who and where further to go with your idea. You need to fulfill what law says as well so as someone mentioned above, you should also consult with a Lawyer but it is probably best if it is someone who works in a pet industry. Hope I helped! 🙂

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