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    Joanne B

    My yellow lab had a tumor the size of a soccer ball. I was told her prognosis could be a couple of months to a couple of years. I’m opting on a couple of years.

    I went to a holistic vet and she suggested feeding her home cooked grain free food and adding it to her grain free kibble (cutting down on the amount of kibble).

    I have no idea what amount of home cooked food to what amount of kibble to feed her. I also need some good recipes for a home cooked grain free food. I would appreciate any help in this field.


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    if you’re on fb, there is at least one group for cancer dogs. It might be worth looking for.

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    Joanne B

    Thanks….appreciate your help.

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    Hi Joanne B-
    Have you looked at the website: http://www.dogaware.com? It has a section on home cooked recipes and a section with recommended books with home cooked recipes.
    The closest that I have gotten to home made is using the See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix added to either ground beef or turkey. My dogs really love it. I try to give them one kibble free meal per week. The creator of this mix is Steve Brown and he also has a few books out with information on home made meals. In addition, he has a down load that explains how to supplement meals with fresh foods to enhance your dog’s meals. He is selling the down load on a new site lately. Hopefully someone can pop in with that info if you are interested.

    I’m hoping for a couple of years too! Good luck.

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    Joanne B

    Thanks for your suggestions…I appreciate it.

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    Bobby dog

    Here’s a link to down load C4C mentioned in the above post:

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    Denise C

    Hi Johann,
    Sorry for your dog….have you ever heard about COLLOÏDAL SILVER ? It si a magical product who could Help your dog…..Here, in Québec province, Canada, we can find that product in many petshop…..Human can use It too….NO SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL?….With the natural food, you Will save him….. See informations on the web…..
    Good Luck !


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    Joanne B

    Thanks Denise, I’ll check it out.

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    Rajeev S

    Hi yellow lab,generally higher calorie content food is preferred but tumor cells are much likely to use fat for energy. It is recommended that food should be 25-40 % fat on a dry matter basis. For them carbohydrates food should be less than that 25% of the food.
    I suggest high level of protein and fats combined with lower levels of carbohydrates are most beneficial. Going grain free is the best option for the diet. Make sure you read the ingredient label and it will be good while the two ingredients are some type of meat. choose different brand that is very important.
    BARF diet is best for the yellow lab. It contains biologically appropriated raw foods and also 75% meat and 25% fruit/veggies.

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    Paul R

    Hi everyone my 5 year old Boxer has early stages of renal failure. His last urine specimen showed protein loss. He has lost wt., very depressed. Any helpful advise to save my buddy. Paul Rios

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    Paul R

    Correction: His last urine showed high protein in the urine and very low protein blood flow.
    His name is Jackson. Please advise. Paul Rios

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    Hi Paul R,

    They now know that dogs with kidney disease actually need good amounts of protein in the diet as it helps with the blood flow (aka GFR) and therefore keeping the blood clean. The exception to that rule is when the dog has high amounts of protein in the urine as that is a sign of inflammation of the kidneys. The protein should be lowered until the reason for the inflammation has been found and addressed — possibly a bacterial infection, stones, food sensitivity (they know in humans that gluten can cause increased proteinuria – I would assume reactions to foods can be the same in dogs). Here’s some data on that “A gluten-free diet induced in 75% of the cases a parallel improvement in these abnormal immunological data. Mean proteinuria values were found to be significantly decreased after 6 months of the diet and a reduction was also observed in microscopic hematuria.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2311308

    May not be the case with your pup but I think it is often overlooked as a possibility.

    My dog had kidney disease from birth and lived nine years. I fed her a raw diet but once in a while I was running in and out or really sick for a few days and would give her some kibble. Each time I gave her kibble I had to deal with the consequences of doing so for several days after. I would highly advise against ANY kibble, even prescription. The new prescription Science Diets are chicken and beef based and look appealing. If you can’t home cook and don’t want to feed raw it would be something to try while you are trying to deal with the proteinuria. I would also give a high quality omega 3 fish oil as it is anti-inflammatory etc. Another to try is organic (must be organic) turmeric (the spice). Turmeric is anti-inflammatory as well as anti-fibrotic, which are both helpful for the failing kidneys. Start with a small amount and build. Most dogs do well with it but my Audrey didn’t seem to tolerate it well. 🙁

    Don’t give any more flea or tick meds or heartworm preventatives. Also no more vaccines. Some states will give rabies exemptions for pets with life threatening diseases. Take advantage of that if your state does.

    It also helps to give reverse osmosis filtered water. There are so many impurities in most tap water. Always have water available. I would also look at a good probiotic and prebiotic. The right ones can help clear BUN etc from the blood which will help your pup feel better. This is called “nitrogen trapping” which was apparently discovered and coined by Iams researchers. I used a probiotic called Garden of Life Primal Defense (a human product) and a prebiotic called Fiber 35 Sprinkle Fiber (also human). I’ve heard that Sprinkle Fiber is no longer made but it was simply 100% pure acacia fiber. Any source of acacia fiber will work. Not all fibers work, some make things worse. I found this out the hard way. The one product I would not do without is made by Standard Process and is called Canine Renal Support. It helps in many many ways.

    I hope something I’ve wrote is helpful for you and your sweet puppy!! Let me know if I can clarify anything or answer any questions etc.

    Prayers to you both!!

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    David H

    Thanks !! I appreciate it.

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