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    Bobby D

    My 15 year old rat terrier has diabetes, and just suffered a bout of pancreatitis. The veterinarian put him on Hills prescription i/d canned food. He is doing well on the new diet, but why is this dog food only available from the vet? As far as I can tell from the label, there is no medicine in the food, and there is nothing exotic in the ingredients. The label states that it provides complete and balanced nutrition for growing puppies and maintenance of adult dogs. The veterinarian told me it was quite alright to put my other, non-sick, dog on the same food. So why do you need a prescription?

    Bobby Dipole

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    It’s a gimmick so they can sell inferior ingredients for a premium price. There is nothing about the food that makes it a prescription drug, except that since it is for a “therapeutic” purpose, they don’t necessarily have to meet AAFCO standards.

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