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    Hey dfa family, i wanted to create a list of potential dry dog foods that you have used or have heard good things about. I tried to look and see if there was a post like this already but i couldnt find one. Seeing as Duke is turning 9 months in a couple days i should start preparing a list of all different types of proteins and brands with high protein and low fat since ive seen many overweight boxers. I do walk him almost everyday and i run around with him around my large land every day so he gets a lot of energy.

    So i guess some standards have to be set for the foods on the list. Im thinking of at least 32% protein , less than 25% fat and under 20% carbs. Also im new tothis so if you have foods that doesnt necessarily meet the numbers still is a very good food list it.

    So far i have found

    Victor Premium GF Ultra Pro 42% protein , 22% fat, 17% carbs

    Earthborn Primitive Natural 38% protein, 20% fat, 17.5% carbs

    Pet Pantry Holistic Choice Salmon & Sweet Potato GF 32% protein, 14% fat, and im still trying to find the carb %

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    Please share any food you have heard of or have had good results with. The more people share their experience the more everyone can benefit. 😀 so so far though duke is doing amazing on the coastal catch which also has 32% protein and i forgot to add to the list.

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    I’m guessing that your numbers are not dry matter, since they don’t add up the way dry matter figures should. I like Nature’s Variety Instinct, Brother’s Complete, and Nature’s Logic. I’m interested in Timberwolf Platinum too, though I haven’t tried it yet. I just started Canidae Pure Sky, so it’s too soon to tell how I’ll like it. BTW, none of these would be considered low fat since moderate fat is 50% of the protein level.

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    I feed Victor, I like it a lot. But Acana, Orijen puppy,and Taste of the wild high prairie puppy are also excellent, a bit higher in carbs but high quality feed.

    pet nutrition expert/advisor

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    I’m sorry patty I knew that I wasn’t very educated on the subject and would get corrected. Can you tell me how to get the dry matter protein. And 50% fat to protein ratio? Or how does that work. Again sorry for being such a noob.

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    Patty have you heard of farmina? I know their formula is not suitable for lbp but i like the protein % but I need your help to get the ratios of fat to protein.

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    I wouldn’t worry about dry matter. As long as everyone realizes that these are Guaranteed Analysis numbers, they will know what they are looking at.

    Yes, I’ve heard of Farmina. It looks like it’s a really good food.

    Look at the protein%. Say it’s 42%, 50% of that would be a fat level of 21%. That would have the number of calories from fat close to the same as the number of calories from protein. Personally, I feed higher fat than than, active dogs can handle it. Couch potatos may need less.

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    Thank you very much patty. I was looking into natures logic since the brothers conplete is out of my price range. So if I walk my dog a mile or two everyday he should be ae to handle the higher fat?

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    Probably! Does he get to run on your walk? Does he play fetch?

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    Yeah I run on the last part of the walk. And I run and play fetch with him in my yard often. I have siblings who also play with him outside. I really want to try brothers complete!

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    My picks would be:
    Orijen Adult (38% protein)
    Acana regionals (31-33% protein)
    Go! Fit and Free Adult (38% protein)
    Annamaet Grain Free (30% protein)
    Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural (38% protein)
    Horizon Legacy Adult (34% protein)
    Pinnacle Peak Protein (42% protein)
    Timberwolf Platinum (36% protein)

    Our pit bull is currently eating the Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural with some Timberwolf (Black Forest formula with elk) mixed in. He’s doing really well on it. We bought a small bag of Timberwolf to try in case he didn’t like it. He seems to like it so we’ll buy a big bag next time.

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    Hey party just and Great Dane mom just checking back in. Duke is doing great. 🙂 but I recently came across the brand Back to Basics and it looked like a very good brand. Their high protein line has a min of 38% protein and they are rated 5 stars from Mike. Have you guys tried this line? That question goes to anyone who had tried Back to Basics.

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    B2B is on my short list to try. Betsy tried it when her’s were still pups and she said that after a while on it they both developed soft stools. It might be that it was a bit much for them at that point in their lives, rotationally speaking, or that there is something about it that they couldn’t handle. It has none of Micah’s no no ingredients and there aren’t that many foods that I can say that about, so I’ll try it sometime this Spring. If you try it sooner, let us know.

    And if you’re going to call me Party Just, at least capitalize it, LOL!!!

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    Hahaha sorry Patty my phone autocorrects it haha. But thank you for the response. B2B looks interesting tho. I like the ingredients and how they include a lot of organs from animals. I’m trying to look for more foods with high % of animal protein. That’s why farmina, timberwolf Platinum, and B2B all look really good. Idk which to choose next!

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    I have no experience with B2B. My local independent pet store carries Timberwolf Platinum now. I bought a small bag for our pit bull to try and he seemed to like it. We’ll probably buy a big bag of the Black Forest variety in the next couple weeks. I’ll let you know how he does on it.

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    LOL!! You should see my own emails. I’ll sign off and hit send and then realize that it autocorrected, so my own emails make fun of my name!

    RDM, I’ve been wanting to try Timberwolf. There are several of their formulas that my dog can’t have, but they look intriguing. Please let us know how it goes.

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    My dog is currently eating half Back 2 Basics Pork and half Natural Balance LID GF Legume & Duck Meal. She is doing better than ever on this combo. A little background on my dog: she has bad reactions to chicken, fish, venison, lamb, soy, kelp, alfalfa, rice that include yeasty feet and ears. For the last couple of months I’ve been keeping a strict watch on her and nailed down her irritants. (I’ve made good use of all of the NB LID foods to test on her.) The NB LID Duck is so low in protein that I decided on the B2B Pork to add in. Amazing results. My dog is just a regular happy, calm dog now, not a scratching, licking and whimpering mess. I’m deciding on whether to phase out the NB Duck or not.

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    If Farmina does not get released on chewy in time i will definitely be going with the back 2 basics formulas. I have not decided yet though what is the next protein i want Duke to try. I have been talking to Farmina on facebook and they said the dog foods should be around the same price as fromm for their higher protein grain free formulas, and then around $55-60 for the grain inclusive formula which still has 35% protein.

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    So a little update here.. I went ahead and purchased the B2B Open Range formula which is the red meat formula. Duke has been doing great on the food. So far his stools have been the most firm they have been since he was on nutrisource chicken and rice large breed formula. Im very happy with the ratio of 71% animal proteins and 29% fruits and plant proteins, as it is a dog food with a good amount of animal protein (not the most animal based protein but good enough). Duke absolutely loves the flavor of the dog food which i suspect has to due with all the organs in the dog food. I definitely recommend anyone looking for a high protein and low carb dry kibble to really consider B2B Open Range.
    Now for the next bag of dog food?! Who knows?! So many to choose from hahaha.

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    Thanks for the update on Duke! I may try B2B for our pit next. He was eating the Timberwolf Elk for about 2 weeks. He was doing well on it and seemed to be losing weight (which is good because he’s a little chunky). However, getting him to eat it was a nightmare. It seems he didn’t care for the smell/taste of it and we had to add all kinds of toppers to get him to eat. He is eating Acana Wild Prairie right now with no coaxing needed. I would still recommend trying the Timberwolf if you’re interested. Our pit is too picky for his own good.

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    I was partially kidding hahah my next bag will probably be a chicken based protein and im looking at Timber wolf Platinum, Pinnacle Peak Protein, Victor Ultra Pro, Dr Tims Kinesis (im not sure if i want to try the GF or use the grain inclusive again as Duke did alright on the grain inclusive Kinesis) and the new Farmina line if it comes out in time. Any input? Hahah any feedback is nice to hear even though every dog is different it is nice to hear your ladies inputs.

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